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Very nice artwork!  ?? i like the use of the mirror in front to capture the young woman's grimaces and Mom overseeing her discipline.  Looks like she got off easy with only a handspanking for breaking one of the house rules.

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9 hours ago, ukspanko said:

What one of  the older Goth Girls I used to meet in this club in Hull in the North of England once threatened to do to me when I was 18 in the early 90s and told her that I thought Nirvana and Pearl Jam were punk bands ( they were punk influenced ! )

You probably should've been spanked for thinking Nirvana and Pearl Jam were punk bands...I mean REALLY :)

That does look like a very cool club...of course I would've thought ANY club in England was super cool when I was that age. I hung out at alot of places like that in the US...often waiting around for boyfriends who were in bands (or pretended to be in bands)!

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4 hours ago, MrIntensity said:

So much  to like about this image.  Love the two teddies - such  a charming domestic scene really.    Mom's 'no-nonsense' expression is so evocative.  And the necklace...oh, I could go on....

Yes...I remember that tension well in my goth stage...going around looking very dark and morbid and rebellious and sexy but still having teddy bears on my bed and writing my name with a little heart over the 'i'...it was an interesting stage :)

And yes...there was an interesting dynamic between my parents about that. My dad was the designated spanker...he almost never initiated it himself but instead my mom would decide on the sentence then tell him to carry it out. She'd send me to my room and I'd sometimes have to wait a couple hours for him to come home. That part was worse than the spanking itself I think...

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6 hours ago, ukspanko said:

Also "American Goth Spank" sounds like a vaguely forgotten 90s nu-metal band who were actually quite good.

You're right...it does sound like a vaguely forgotten band name!

Oh and I completely agree about hardcore rock people being gentle and placid generally...I knew many punk types who were vegans and liked knitting and such!

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  • 10 months later...

       I know I Goth girl. She is so pretty and perfectly chubby behind. No cellulite. And she is SO obedient. If she moves her leg a bit she apologizes. I asked if I could just kiss her bottom. She got all flustered. I'll never forget that. 

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