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New users have to use a legit email

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Hello everyone.

New members are now being required to use a legit email address (you don't have to use a main personal one) but the idea behind having credentials to your account is to have it secured (i.e if you forget your password you can reset them). When creating an account it will tell you that verification was sent to the email you listed on file. Please create a kink-friendly email address (or whatever you're comfortable with -- members can't see your emails); and keep the credentials to those accounts for future reference.

We made this change for spam. If for some reason your having issues registering after this change -- contact staff@spankingneeds.com

I also encourage everyone here that used a 5-minute throwaway email or fake one to do the same. To update your email go to  Account Settings --> Overview --> Change email.

Thank you! :)

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Could you suggest an email (webmail) provider that would be friendly for sites like this?

 I have had to delete my. hotmail account I registered here with because of hacking problem, and do not wish to have another hotmail account. My main account is Gmail and do not want another of those.

 Have noted tbat some mailbox sites do not want to be used for adult sites so am asking this question.

 Suggestions appreciated.

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