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Poll-Spankings and the doctor

Spankings and the doctor  

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  1. 1. What do you do when the spankee has a doctor's appointment on the calendar? (voter names stay private)

    • We abstain from spanking for many weeks in advance.
    • We abstain from spanking for a few weeks in advance.
    • Spanking continues. The doctor knows about it.
    • Spanking continues. Doctors have seen it all before.
    • Spanking continues, but we modify either intensity or duration.

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  • olderguy changed the title to Poll-Spankings and the doctor

We do nothing different.  We may not spank to excess the day before an appointment, but nearly always any tell tale signs last less than 12 hours.  

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Depends on the type of appointment. If it’s an OBGYN, or anything that I’d need to be undressed for — avoid for a week? Some of my doctors know, and not all doctors you are fully undressed for exams. 

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I don't do anything different. I've had to explain my lifestyle to Doctors a few times. I've had a couple ask me if it's consensual, to make sure I'm not being abused, but no one has ever made a big deal about it.

I'm not about to change my lifestyle.

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Most doctors are mandatory reporters, so folks are playing with fire if they have marks at an appointment. The requirements of a mandatory reporter are different state by state. In some states it is just minors and seniors, for instance. In other states it's more. Make sure you know the rules for your state. In most states, the mandatory reporter has no leeway; they MUST make a report and let the authorities decide if there was any abuse.

I get Brazilian waxed. My waxers (estheticians) have seen marks on my bottom and also that I sometimes am in a locked chastity device (which must be removed to get waxed). I have discussed my spanking and D/s relationships with a couple of waxers, who always seem interested.

But I would not let a health professional see marks for the reasons above.


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I don't think I've ever gone to the doctor less than 3 days after getting paddled, at which point there usually isn't much to see even though I can still feel it. Occasionally there's just a bruise that I could claim was from falling on my butt, and doctors are only required to report what they think are signs of abuse. If I ended up getting spanked the day before or had too much marking, I probably would come up with an excuse to reschedule my doctor appointment! 

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I have monthly B12 injections; my visits to my mentor are less frequent but often result in a caning which leaves very clear marks.

I ensure there is at least ten days between exposing my bottom for rattan and exposing my bottom for the needle.

Though it doesn't matter being caned even a day after the injection: the jab is given in the upper buttock and the caning tends to be from the middle downwards.

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