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I have been told this is the right place to put this :) 

Psychologically speaking, everyone has an 'innerchild'. Ageplay is a form of roleplay (roleplay because it is something aside from our biological selves) in which a biological adult allows their innerchild (emotionally real part of themselves, most often stemming from trauma -- I have only heard of a couple cases where the memory was a positive one) to form a somewhat separate identity from them. They take on their own name and age, likes, dislikes, etc. 

I want to be clear that by no means is this a "spanking-focused site". In fact, if a spanking is earned it more often than not takes place in a board that only the caregiver and the child have access to, though that does not mean that there are no threads on the open board where spanking takes place. 

It is a place where an innerchild can do age-appropriate things that may include getting into trouble and as a result may earn them a spanking but it is by no means the soul focus of the community. It is just that -- a realistically-built community of innerchildren and inneradults who make friends, have parties, go swimming, climb trees, etc. If you choose to join, you will need to complete an application that tells us about the personality of your inner as well as the type of punishments that are allowed and their limits and triggers. ALL members of the community are required to abide by the individual inner's profile when interacting with them. It is 100% safe, sane, and consensual. 

At present, my co-Admin and I have not set up a guest account but there is a forum of information that is available to the public. If you're interested, please follow the link and read all of the information (which includes the community rules as well as definitions to hopefully clarify our idea of Ageplay). If you choose to complete an application please let me know, as the email doesn't get checked frequently and I will also have to meet with my co-Admin and make a joint decision for approval.  Only I or my co-Admin are able to create accounts, in order to prevent spam. If you try, you will get an error message stating that the function is disabled. If you apply and are approved, we will create a username and temporary password for you. The temporary password can be changed once you put up your profile and your picture.

Feel free to ask any questions! Let's keep it here in this thread, in case others have a similar question to yours :) however if you have a question that you feel is more specific to you and your inner/others who may apply to accompany you, feel free to PM me. 

The link to the site is: https://eastlantis.createaforum.com/ and if we put together a guest account (which I can't do until I speak with my other Admin) I will update with that information. 

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Just a couple reminders! 

I love that we have been getting applications for people wanting their inners to join our community! Please keep in mind that the email we use for the site is a secondary email address for those who use it. As such, that account does not get checked as often as one would an email used for traditional purposes. For this reason, please PM me on the site if you choose to send in an application so that I or Sadeskid know that we need to check the email address! Someone from here sent in an application and it wasn't until I was messaged by another someone on here about an application that I saw that the first person sent an application, along with a follow-up email asking if the site was still active. 

Please remember that we are all adults with busy lives! Personally I have made no bones about the fact that I have several health issues along with other things outlined in my About Me that limit my engagement with this community. Add to that that I am now working two jobs and in a lot of pain due to my medical issues. 

I get notification emails when I get a PM on here. If you do not PM me to let me know that you have sent an application for the forum then we are not responsible for how long it takes us to get back to you :)

Thanks for understanding!

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I would very much like to join this forum. I am a lifelong ASB who sanely and consciously lives as a 14 year old Grammar School Boy. 

I would love to exchange ideas and discuss lifestyles. 

I live in the UK

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