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Child of Light

New Accounts registered in Febuaury of 2019

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Hello, everyone :)

As I mentioned in the Ownership Change thread -- there were a few things missing from the site when we returned live. It's come to my attention there have been several accounts that jointed Febuaury of 2019 that weren't transferred over! :oops: We are sorry about any frustration or confusion that may have caused. If email reset isn't working and you can't find your username by searching here please free to create another account. This issue has only affected those that joined Febuaury of 2019.

However, we've had several people with password reset issues. If you spot your account or email and for some reason, the 'reset password' (check spam folder) isn't sending out a notice -- contact us at staff@spankingneeds.com and we will get the account sorted (when contacting us please have your username and registration email).

If you have created a new account because you couldn't gain access to your old one that's OK too, we ask that you PM one of the staff members so that we can merge your accounts and have them fixed for you.

Thank you all for understanding!!! :grouphug:

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You're doing great COL. Loving the site and looking forward to the future!!

Love ya girl!!

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