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Hello from Michigan, need spanking

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Hello world!  I'm a 23 year old male who likes spanking and being spanked.  Prefer to experience with women, however, some guys I won't turn down.  I have had this kink for most of my life, but have almost no real world experience with it.  I really started getting into spanking once I started watching spanking videos.  Honestly, I find it more arousing to watch spankings than regular sex.  I have tried the spanker machine before.  Found it to be very pleasing.  It did break on me, only because I was using something heavier than the recommended weight.  Lasted well over a year before I wanted to use something harder.  Also, max setting feels absolutely amazing after a good 10 minutes with a paddle.  I am considering getting another one.  I would like to find someone in the michigan area, near my age, to experience spanking with.  Would be willing to me discretely and on more than one occasion.   

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old enough to be your Grandpa, but i can give you a red sore bottom that while you drive home you would be uncomfortable, so if you feel like coming north to traverse city, I am certain  you be going home a happy boy.

 Lot older then you asked for, but then i have lot of experience and i ask would you want to get spanked from a man with less experience then a old fart like me.

Sir or Grandpa



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Just sending a hi your way, look around, ask many question, you'll find the right connection,  a connection a bond that will work for you I am in Canton Michigan 



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Hi there: Truly I hope and pray that you will find what you are looking for; or for what you need. As I am in California, I cannot help you on any front; wish I could. Take care.

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