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Needing to be spanked in GA

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If it were CA instead of GA I'd be more than willing help out. 

Best of luck in your search though! I do believe the southeast has a pretty active scene.

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Welcome to the site Kristy. Please read the safety section...especially the Power and Control thread for some good advice.

You might want to be more specific in what you are looking for. For example are you looking for accountability, punishment, stress relief, ongoing spankings, etc. If you aren't specific then the creeps tend to come out of the woodwork and you'll get all kinds of offers, many you won't want.

Be safe and good luck in your search!

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I am a Disciplinarian in GA that provides discipline to any female in need. Check out my profile and message me if you’re in need of a spanking. I do have references you can speak to if necessary.

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