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'Fraid not...I read Sybil when I was maybe 10, and the horror stuck, even though it later came out that her other "personalities" were fake. 

Question for hetero people (because I don't think it would result in the same social reaction for a gay/lesbian couple): Men, would you ever date or marry a woman 6 inches taller than you? Women, would you ever date or marry a man 6 inches shorter than you?

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Never! I’m too honest for one thing, but more so because I despise lying. I always look at things from the perspective of reversing things and I woukd never want someone to lie to me, especially a clo

No. Because it seems like mainly chicks do that.   Or else I would need some fancy clothes and like...get in better shape?.   So if somebody wanted to sponsor me with clothes, and pay for everything,

Sure, if the moment is right. In fact I have some self spanking videos on Spankingtube right now. https://www.spankingtube.com/user/Oracle Enjoy!

My wife is over 3" taller than me, and when I was a lot younger, single and dating, had one girlfriend for a year who was well over 6' tall making her more than 6" taller than I am. That's what happens when you are short........

Would you ever date someone who was enough older than yourself to be your parent? 

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1 hour ago, Longtimespanking said:

Would you ever eat out of the garbage can if there were no other food available during a major catastrophic event like a hurricane? 

I would do whatever I needed to do to survive.

Would you ever write a spanking story and publish it under you real name?

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I probably would.  Not too concerned about being outed.  This is my lifestyle and I'm not ashamed.

Would you ever go to a disciplinarian to be punished?

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Well, I don't think that even Bill is doing Hillary, so just no to that one. On the other hand, Nancy has an attitude and could secretly turn out to have a kinky side, so of the two she seems the more logical choice. 

Would you ever do one of those Polar Bear dares where a group of people jump into freezing water naked in the middle of winter? 

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