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Certainly not.  My marriage vows would certainly still apply whether I was sucked into a Groundhog's Day scenario or not.  


Would you ever quit your job if somehow your basic needs of food, shelter, and transportation could be met without working?  

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Never! I’m too honest for one thing, but more so because I despise lying. I always look at things from the perspective of reversing things and I woukd never want someone to lie to me, especially a clo

No. Because it seems like mainly chicks do that.   Or else I would need some fancy clothes and like...get in better shape?.   So if somebody wanted to sponsor me with clothes, and pay for everything,

Sure, if the moment is right. In fact I have some self spanking videos on Spankingtube right now. https://www.spankingtube.com/user/Oracle Enjoy!

Being in a relationship, not a marriage, I would still NOT cheat on my partner....even if the world began over again every morning.

Would you chose professionally administered corporal punishment for minor infractions over fines, jail time or community service?

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Yes, but it would be playful where the spanking would ensue anyway but the offense wouldn't necessitate a very firm thrashing.

Would you ever kiss two different people romantically in a twenty-four hour period?

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On 6/24/2020 at 1:42 PM, AfterGeometry said:

Would you ever back out of a first date, or simply not show up, because of being too nervous?

Hmm how do I know said person I'm supposedly going on a date with? If it's done rando from the internet odds are high I'd back out..... But I'd never date someone I didn't know........

I'm unsure whether or not I could cancel a first date with someone I already knew.... Hypothetically, as someone who's never dated lol

Hopefully @AfterGeometry doesn't get mad at me for answering the relationship question.


Would you ever go on a date with someone you had zero interest in?


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@Zhevyou're not supposed to answer dating questions because you don't date.  It's outside of your purview. 

And No, I would not go out on that date, because it's not nice to give people false hope.  It's disingenuous and tantamount to leading them on, which is unethical.  (Unless you otherwise need something from them. 😏) . 

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On 6/27/2020 at 8:18 PM, AfterGeometry said:

@Zhevyou're not supposed to answer dating questions because you don't date.  It's outside of your purview. 

And No, I would not go out on that date, because it's not nice to give people false hope.  It's disingenuous and tantamount to leading them on, which is unethical.  (Unless you otherwise need something from them. 😏) . 

Look who forgot to ask a question yet again

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Almost certainly not (for me it would be receive) but I can perhaps imagine an exception where the answer could be maybe. But still highly unlikely. 

Would you come out as a spanko to everyone you know (work, friends, family, etc) in exchange for £100k

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No... but, I paused to consider it! Hehe

Would you ever (platonically) switch to help out a friend in need (eg. if you're normally a spankee, would you give a spanking to a friend if they really needed one and had no one else available to give it, or if you're normally a spanker, would you let a friend spank you eg. if they felt they needed some experience/practice but had no one else to play with).

(Bonus part to the question: would the gender of your friend change your answer? Ie. would you do it for a man but not a woman and vice versa)


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Yes, I would help a friend.   Bonus answer:  Probably would not change my answer, but it would depend on the person.

If a friend who thinks they have discovered your lifestyle, would you tell then all about it or lie and deny their 'discovery' ???

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I would most likely tell them about it. I have recently begun to be more 'out' about this part of me, and a handful of my 'real life' friends know about it anyway. However, it depends who it was. In some cases, I might lie and deny! 

Would you ever try to have a relationship with someone if you felt they were otherwise perfect for you.... but they were NOT AT ALL into spanking and not willing to try it. 

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Ooo that's a hard one! At this point in my life, probably not. I could argue that if they're not even will try, then they are, in fact not actually perfect for me.

Can I answer the previous one too? If a friend thinks they found out, then yes I would tell them all about it in a heartbeat. I've actually been sort of wishing someone would stumble across it, so I can finally say something!


Would you ever go to a spanking party?

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For sure.  We attend many in different area of the country.  Spanking parties are great.


If you are not usually a 'shaver', would you shave simply because a partner asked you to?

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I am not a shaver, and the answer would depend... it would depend on why they wanted me to shave, and whether it was a one-off or if they wanted me to begin regularly shaving. And it would depend where they wanted me to shave. Wanting me to shave my legs would be more easily received than wanting me to shave all over. As a very general rule, I may shave as a one-off in some areas if they had a good reason, but it would be a fairly solid no if they wanted me to begin regularly shaving, or if they wanted me to shave somewhere... uh.. intimate. 

If you have a girlfriend/boyfriend, would you be happy for them to spank or be spanked by another person (depending on if they're a spanker or spankee). 

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Me personally, no to them spanking someone else. I am an -ee and would want to be monogamous with my partner in that aspect.

As for them GETTING spanked... so long as it is completely platonic and details are shared with me... I would be okay with my partner getting it from someone else as I am not an -er and I dont think I could enjoy giving a spanking.


Would you ever give up your favorite food forever for a perfect spanking dynamic? (Perfect in your own terms fit to your needs/desires/world)

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Yes, in a heartbeat. I'd give up BBQ, but I the perfect spanking dynamic is so rare, it would be impossible to pass up.


Would you ever add #Otk to your social media profiles, just to see what would happen?

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Hmm, not broadly. I did add OTK as one of my 'interests' in my dating profile (I made a post about this) which in theory could be found/seen by people I know (and I used real and identifying photos of myself). I am also 'out' to a good handful of people in my immediate social circle (I would say I'm 'out' to around 10 people who I know in 'real life' - most of whom are not spankos/kinksters themselves). So, it's not unthinkable I would do this, but it's unlikely I'd put it in an announcy way on a broad social media platform like facebook I guess. However, I have commented on individual facebook posts before [when those posts are made by people I know are ok with it] in a way that makes it mildly obvious to people that I am potentially a spanko or kinkister (eg. referring to tv characters as 'Toppy' etc). 

Sorry, that's a long answer. I guess the short answer is: sort of. 

Question: Have you had any of your hard/soft limits change over time? eg. has something been a hard limit in the past which is now a soft limit for you? Or a soft limit which is no longer a limit at all? Or something you used to be ok with which is now a hard[er]/soft limit? 


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Not as yet, but I've only recently discovered where my limits are. 

Question: Have you ever been had someone see/hear you in the middle of a spanking session?

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Sure....countless times.... I assume you mean when not dilbertly spanked in front of others.... so yes i've been seen by casual onlookers, heard in hotel rooms, once at a friends home.

At a party or event, have you ever been spanked by several different folks consecutively, say more than 5 people?

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I've never been to a spanking party, but at this point if i felt comfortable at the party, then yes i'd allow multiple spankers.


Would you ever while in the beginning of  dating drop hints about spanking to see if they're interested? Or outright ask them?

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Ok, so I literally did this yesterday to a negative reaction! So... this is separate to the date I had (which I posted about elsewhere) where I put otk in my dating profile and they knew. That didn't work out for non-dramatic reasons which I won't go into hereee...

Sooo yesterday, I ended up on a spontaneous date-like thing where I went for a drink with a lesbian I met in person. I mentioned I had to go [by a certain time] as I had a video call scheduled for a certain time. She asked what for and I honestly said [my city's] online munch. She asked what that was and I said it's a social gathering of people in the kink community. She told me how wrong and disgusting she thinks bdsm is! But that's kinda exactly why I wanna tell people early if I'm dating them or whatever... I'd rather know now if they feel that way before anyone gets invested in each other. So ah well about her. 

Would you ever engage in spanking play with someone you strongly dislike on a personal level, but whom you know to be a safe player (eg. respectful of limits, boundaries etc) and your spanking interests align to make an otherwise good session. Would your answer change if there was no one else for you to play with for a long period of time? 

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