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Okay, so this may be a bit of a strange thing, so bear with me. Point blank, my husband and I are living below the poverty line and because of a "series of unfortunate events" I don't have any insurance nor am I able to provide proof of my disability (I have no problem sharing details with those I develop a relationship with) and I am involved in a charity program through UNC but live roughly 2 hours from my primary care doctor.

My husband and I lost nearly everything we owned, including our car, in Hurricane Florence. We're drowning in financial stresses. 

So I would be interested in developing a friendship with someone involving spanking (specifics to be discussed in private) but also having help with transportation and the cost of a prescription occasionally when I have medical appointments and other necessities. If it sounds like a fair trade or has the potential to be, feel free to PM me! (Please first read my about me)

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with the utmost of respect and empathy for your situation I will say this: there is no reason for you to have to pay for prescription drugs if you are below the poverty level. the previous administration left us with something known as "Obama Care" which will provide you with all the health care you need for zero dollars out of your own pocket.  there may also be federal, state, or local organizations who can help you with transportation to and from your appointments. good luck Sadie!

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That's hit or miss these days.  My 30-year-old daughter is in no shape to have no insurance.  Does not make enough to buy a plan and, for some reason, they cut off her Medicaid.  And she has a few serious issues.

Not as easy as it's supposed to be in theory.

Wish I had a way to help, Sadie.

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Obama care also costs money that I cannot afford out of pocket; I did look into getting coverage though the marketplace first. My husband's job was able to dodge the spousal insurance requirement by offering to put me on his insurance...for $300 out of each paycheck when he was only bringing home $600 each paycheck. Needless to say that was a no from him yet they fulfilled their obligation to offer to cover me on a technicality. 

Here's the kicker: my husband works for a janitorial company out of DC that is contracted to clean various military bases across the US. So he technically works for the government. 

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I want to clarify that I am NOT asking for money. I can provide anyone willing to help with my power company's phone number and the account number. The same with my cable/internet provider. If anyone is willing to send groceries, that can be done through Wal-Mart.com and Amazon.com. I imagine gift cards to other grocery stores can be given through email so that at no time do we ever have knowledge of each other's banking information.  

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I have actually created a go fund me for Sadie. She will not see any of the names on the donations, but she and her husband have fallen into more hard times and possibly running the risk of being homeless. If you would like to help by donating to the go fund me please private message me. Thanks 

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