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What music are you currently listening to?


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I am drinking my afternoon coffee and listening to Chicago 2. Genre: Jazz fusion, rock. Released in 1970. Love those horns! And drums! And Terry Kath on guitar/vocals! And all the rest of them! G

The Stooges-Funhouse. As a former olde tymey punke rocque guy, I believe The Stooges to be INDISPUTABLY the greatest rock 'n' roll band of all time. Highly recommended if you have a hankerin' for rude

After watching The Buddy Holly story from 1976 the other day... Rock n Roll has become louder, more complex, longer, more violent at times but I don't think asides from The Beatles it's probably

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At the grocery store today there was a couple with two kids busking on two violins. This was one of the songs they played, no lyrics. It took me a moment to place it, hadn't heard it for at least a year or so. It isn't typical holiday music by any means, but it does in its way work there too.


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