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What music are you currently listening to?


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That is a fabulous album.  

I got it as a present from my wife and/or kids because they know I’m a Beatlemaniac.  At first my reaction was “I already have everything on this!” (I did not say that out loud.).  By first play through I was hooked.  It’s a great way to note how they progressed as they went along, only has one song that calls for the skip button (you have to figure that one out) and, as with most Beatles albums has one song that George sings and one for Ringo.  

My only disappointment is that they used the only chart where Please Please Me only hit #2.  It should be on there.  That and She Loves You are the very definition of early Beatles. 

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7 hours ago, ukspanko said:

Totally agree - I love The Beatles - the 2 most important bands of my generation in the US and UK ( Nirvana/Oasis ) were both heavily influenced by them. My personal favourite Beatles album is Rubber Soul.

Excellent choice.  To me, number 2 would be Revolver.

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4 hours ago, ukspanko said:

I was at a grime ( UK style of hip hop with techno and dub influences ) event in East London this evening. Really inspirational. We know how to rave hard and heavy here. 

Jealous! I haven't been to a real rave since 2000! I will occasionally tear up the dance floor at a gay bar, though, which is pretty close to the same thing 😆

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Listening to a collection of the Dillards first three albums recorded back in the 1960s, genre Classic Bluegrass.

 The Dillards played the Darling boys on the old Andy Griffith Show back then. Went on to develop a unique country rock sound associated with West Coast groups of that time like the Eagles and Flying Burrito Brothers.

Andy Griffith along with the Dukes of Hazzard was one of those innocent, good time  good feeling shows we used to have. No great philosophical depth, but lots of fun.

 And so was the Beverly Hillbillies, but a discussion of that one belongs on the thread about movie and TV spankings in General Discussion.


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The Devil Wears a Suit and Tie by Colter Wall. Genre is heavily blues influenced country. I love hearing that deep voice coming out of this kid. It surprised me the first time I heard it.

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Love love LOVE those musician bio movies! The Patsy Cline Story, Coal Miner's Daughter, and OMG Bohemian Rhapsody was EXCELLENT!!! The fictional ones are awesome, too...The Commitments, That Thing You Do...if it's about music and musicians, I'm a fan!! (Except Rocketman. I expected another BoRap, and it just didn't live up to expectation.)

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1 minute ago, Vox said:

 (Except Rocketman. I expected another BoRap, and it just didn't live up to expectation.)

It was fun watching my husband cringe and squirm during the gay sex scenes, though!😄😄😄

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Apologies for derailing a great thread...getting back on track, so to speak, I offer you Beautiful Tango by Hindi Zahra. It's the first song my husband shared with me via YouTube. He saw her in Marrakesh and Casa Blanca, and always liked her.

It's on his Spotify playlist, which I'm listening to now because I miss him.

Genre is romantic candlelit dinner and dancing at home music. 

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Not sure if these guys have had any success in the States ( and no I don't know what Biffy Clyro means either ) but I saw them supporting the Foo Fighters a few years ago and they were absolutely blistering plus ( and I didn't know this at the time ) one of my cousins is on one of their album covers. I get very emotional hearing this one. 


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I've never heard of either band, but I think I should give them a listen on Spotify. I like both. :)

Especially digging the lyric, "What's a wonderwall anyway?" 

 I'm listening to Cypress Hill. For anyone who's been in a musical vacuum for 30 years, genre is classic rap. Appropriate for trimming one's harvest, and other tedious gardening chores. ;)


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