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How do you drink your coffee?


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6 hours ago, Child of Light said:

I drink it black, no sugar or milk. :coffee:

As in correctly...

And don't ask me about Hazelnut, vanilla, pumpkin spice...  "What flavor do you want your coffee?"  Coffee flavored!


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1 hour ago, spankmeal said:

Is it wrong that in my mind you posted that while holding a cup and saucer with your pinky stuck out?

LOL...I'm a country girl...there is no saucer holding pinky raised stuff going on around here!!

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  • 2 months later...

How do I take coffee? - In large quantities. And I'm answering this post because it brings me to my favorite subject.

When asked about coffee, I (almost) always say "it's my last minor vice". If the follow-up question happens (what's your last major vice?) I decline to answer. Of course like most of us here, it's spanking. Some things we never get tired of.

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