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Okay just a proposal.  We have a section called "Links & Spam" (Links to sites of interest, and off-topic posts.)

How about changing this to just "Off Topic"  ? ... I always thought it would be nice to have a place to talk about off topic matters in general.  (Some forums really stretch it out and have Off Topic sub headings for things like Relationships, Politics, Family Dynamics, Jobs & Employment,  etc, etc.)   I don't think we need to go that far but it's an idea.    

As for the title of the heading though, I think "Spam" needs to be taken out for sure because who wants to read Spam?  The whole word turns me off and turns me off from that whole section.  "Links" isn't that much more exciting.   Anyway just a small. small item to consider low on the priority list.    :)

P.S. What we really need is a place for noobs to place their silly personal ads because I am sick of seeing them in General Discussion LOL

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:thanks:Thank you for the feedback! 

A better name might be “External Links”

i.e links to your website, or implements you make etc. 

Daily Banter, in theory, is supposed to cover the other categories (right now I realize it's not being utilized properly).:wall: (misplaced posts bug me <_<)

I actually see a valid point of having an relationship section to itself and it being in relation to spanking (ie. ‘vanilla’ partners, advise etc, talking to family and friends about lifestyle, doctors) an idea could be to create a section for “all sorts” of interesting relationship dynamics (including friends and family).

I’m not sure how the rest of the team feels but for debate (generally we discourage it); but an healthy outlet or compromise might be having its own section (as long as members agreee to keep it in that section). But debates tend to get ugly!  :hide:

What are everyone's thoughts? 

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Many debates on here have turned ugly, but we are adults and should behave as such. A proper debate can be quite fun.

Yeah, daily banter is all mess up. Maybe a more detailed message beside it so people understand what needs to go there? Which is anything that isn't spanking related!!

A relationship section would be a great idea!! 

I'm with AG on the personal ads in the wrong section. Some of them are disturbing!!

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The Links forum is one of those places I created to keep bothersome posts corralled so members could choose to view them or stay out of that sub. Similar to the erotic forum. Not the focus of the site, but there to keep sexual posts out of the main subs.

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In my opinion, it doesn't matter what the description of the currently named section Daily Banter is.  I don't think many bother to read the descriptions.  Changing the title of that section might help but then again, you're always going to have people that don't post in the proper section for one reason or another.

I've never liked the links and spam section.  Spam is just a flag for me to stay away lol.  If it's to be used for members websites or to advertise their products, a different name would be appropriate.  Currently the description says "links to sites of interest and off topic posts".  If the Daily Banter section is for non spanking topics, why have another off topic section?  To me, links of interest does not tell much.  That could be links to anything!

Even reading the description of General Discussion, it's not clear what should be posted there or should I say what most post there.  Seeming most of us would consider ourselves spankos...literally any type of discussion could be put there.  

On 3/26/2019 at 5:22 AM, AfterGeometry said:

What we really need is a place for noobs to place their silly personal ads because I am sick of seeing them in General Discussion


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