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1 hour ago, AfterGeometry said:

Frolic in the snow. 

Would you rather vacation somewhere sunny and beachy i.e . Hawaii or somewhere with a lot of history and museums i.e. Paris.  

Sunny and beachy

Would you rather swim in the ocean or in a pool

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Option C....Long Island Ice Tea?  

I guess I killed the game with that question.

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The Ocean - I really miss living near the coast in the U.K. and can’t visit Brighton etc right now because of the lockdown.

Would you prefer to listen to Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath ?

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8 hours ago, strictnhardplz said:

Dont matter...

Naked or half?

You can't say doesn't matter, you have to pick one...that's kind of the point of the game.  

Naked or half what?  Dressed?  In relation to what?  Sorry we need more info. 

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Fully nude

I feel these are the two most humiliating positions to be spanked in.....you will be spanked, so chose.....D I A P E R   or  Wheelbarrow?

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"Parachute," as in BDSM cock-and-ball torture? NEVER. Could not bring myself to do that to someone, even if he wanted it. 

OTK with spanker sitting on a bed, or in a straight-backed chair?


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So if your private chatting with a spanker and you dont really know him that well yet and he ask you for a picture. 

Would you send him a picture of you?  or would you wait until you get to know him more 

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Going back one to strictnhardplz....

Wait a while before sharing pics on the internet....too much hacking is possible.


Do you prefer yourself and others natural or hairless?


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Shaved but it's not written in concrete so if any potential partner deems otherwise I am not going to call an abrupt halt to the proceedings.  Some things I can be more lenient about than others.  And sometimes it's just about picking your battles, if ya know what I mean.   

Would you rather star in a spanking movie or direct a spanking movie? 



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9 hours ago, HannahKae said:

Oops already did that one🤦‍♀️

Would you rather have 10 dogs or 10 cats?

Egads that's like asking would you rather be kicked in the shins or punched in the nose.  I better sit this one out.  😆

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Dogs for sure....at one time I had 13 dogs while running a breeding kennel.

Side note:  AG is right, HannahKae, don't down yourself....as for me, Directing a spanking movie requires talent.  Having none, I'd star in one.....my ass needs no talent to be spanked.

Body Adornment, you have decided to try it.   Tattoo, piercing or other like scarification or implants?

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12 hours ago, cowboy said:


Body Adornment, you have decided to try it.   Tattoo, piercing or other like scarification or implants?

Hmmm.. idk it's a toss up for me. I would love another tattoo, but tbh I'd likely choose to have liposuction on everywhere lol


Would you rather live near a beach but cant swim in the water or live in the woods but theres a highway nearby so you are always hearing cars

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I would say beach because I don't swim yet I still can gain appreciation from it. Like the sound of the waves crashing and stuff.  

Would you rather live in Canada or Mexico, if you had to choose one? 


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