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Game Time...Would you?


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Option C....Long Island Ice Tea?  

I guess I killed the game with that question.

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First thing in the morning -after my black tea lol


Spanked (or give one) with a wooden or plastic spoon?

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Spanked with wooden spoon.....  Wooden spoons are evil, but i would think plastic spoons would be like a lexan paddle.   


A boat ride....Sail or power boat?

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Sleep in birrhday suit (bare) or jammies of some sort (shorts, pants, underware only, tshirt, top&bottom, etc)

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5 hours ago, Redandmore said:

Beach and lots of sun. 😎

and what is your question..........

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Well I don't drive ( due to brain damage from being assaulted ) but if I did I'd take it slow and easy. 

Persevere at learning something new or give up and sell everything to do with it ?

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Persevere - to the point of frustration.  I prolly would not get into something that would involve a lot of equipment to sell.

Drive a racing car or drive a racing bicycle?


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