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Option C....Long Island Ice Tea?  

I guess I killed the game with that question.

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12 minutes ago, Dark Rose said:

Option C....Long Island Ice Tea?


Iced (unsweet) tea on Long Island

Sadie and dark didn't pose a question. 

Hmmm, sky diving or bungee jumping?

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Sky Diving. At least if that goes wrong hopefully death would be instant.

Sensible underwear or novelty boxers/panties ?

( This is just like UK politics right now ! )

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I'll take the little mutt, but we do have a pet Ball Python and a Hognose Snake. (or I should say my son does, I'm scared of them)

Plane ride or Boat ride?

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Neither. If my life depended on it it's slightly possible I would consider attempting to drink one of them, but wouldn't matter which lol


Staying in or going out?

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Depends. I am a homebody. Going on depends on where. I prefer the outdoors. I'm not much for clubs, bars, etc.

Blondes or Brunettes?

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Haha, feeling nervous?? I'm a brunette!!

Long hair. I've only had short hair once in my entire life and hated it. I use to sit on my hair, but it's not quite so long these days.

In a man...short hair and clean cut!!

Home cooked meals or restaurant/take out?

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I've actually petted an alligator... less exciting than advertised. 

Get to your destination by flying on a full airplane or by being drug behind horses?  Never mind, too easy.

Bedtime spanking (i.e., very last thing before bed) or earlier?

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4th of July. There's a big American community where I live in the UK ( The main European Ford offices are here ) so it's always celebrated. Sadly Halloween in the UK is mainly just an excuse for vandalism mostly.

Specialise or be multiskilled ?

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I would say it depends.  If you're going for practically and flexibility I would say be multi-skilled.   If you're going for the "big bucks" or want to be the best at something, be specialized.   In my case I am a generally inept person when it comes to practical matters, so it might be best for me to specialize. 

Michael Jackson or Prince (and why plz)


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Rich and a job that I hate.  Mainly because I can't think of what the job of my dreams could possibly be. All jobs suck, therefore, if you have to work...go for the money. ;)

To never be spanked again EVER or To never have sex again EVER.  (EE's only may answer) 



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