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Poll: Do you prefer bruises, or just a reddening??

Do you prefer bruising or blushing?   

48 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you prefer bruising or blushing?

    • As an ER, I prefer leaving bruises
    • As an ER, I prefer just leaving some reddening/blushing
    • As an EE, I prefer to be left with bruises.
    • As an EE, I prefer to be left with just some reddening/blushing

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As an EE, I've found that a bruised bottom can leave an impression all week long, as you're sitting on it at work.  I'm not talking a ton of bruises, but just bruised enough to make it very uncomfortable to sit.  Those are the memorable ones.

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I don't "prefer" bruising either as a spanker or spankee.  But proper spankings are long and hard and hurt a lot... sometimes -- especially with wooden paddle or hairbrush -- some bruising happens.  Not anything I'm happy about, but sort of goes with the turf.

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I voted for reddening, but I'm with Keith that "prefer" isn't really right. What I prefer is an effective spanking, and that varies a lot based on the individual ee. Both the intensity of the spanking, and whether or not it causes bruises. So I wouldn't see that I ever *try* to cause bruises, but it mostly doesn't bother me if it happens. And I've always warned a new ee that I can't guarantee there won't be some marks, if though it isn't my goal. I will say that probably my worst spanking experience ever had to do with the ee (my girlfriend at the time) wanting me to continue on and on, spanking with hard instruments (including an true ivory hairbrush), even when she had huge bruises. She ended up incredibly bruised, all black and purple, and that went well beyond my comfort level. So, while I see some bruises as inevitable in many cases, I will never again go anywhere near that far. I want a woman to definitely feel the spanking, but don't want that to require massive bruising.

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