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I just wondered whether there was a way to properly log out of the chatroom?

At the moment this doesn't seem possible, and simply going to another part of the site makes it appear that you're still in chat. Even leaving the site doesn't clear your chat login for some hours. My issue is that when I return to chat later, or even the next day, I find PMs from people saying hi to me and wanting to chat, but I can't respond as I'm not there. It must appear rude that I don't respond, and that's the last thing I want. I always acknowledge people who PM when I'm actually in the chat room. A logout button which kills the chat cookie would be great. I guess that would mean that the chatroom would have to have its own separate login?

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Whenever I go into the room (after being elsewhere on the site), i usually refresh & that updates whonis still around & who isnt.

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