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What is meant by a 'good' spanking

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On 10/21/2018 at 4:38 PM, a-mw-spanker said:

Means “overdue” or “much-needed” in the old school dictionary. 

I believe it would mean more "thorough" and "effective".

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You are correct in that "good" is hard to define. I see, at least, three different aspects of spanking. Discipline, stress release and "fun". As a spanker I would use good if I felt I was meeting

"What do you consider a good spanking to you?  Is it a warm, stinging bottom?, having your bottom feeling like it is on fire? or somewhere in between?", is something I  ask when getting to know someon

Sadly, had many of these growing up.  Trouble sitting 4 a week, bruised 4 who knows how long & no matter how much begging & pleading I did 2 change, 2 be better, that it was enough, it was onl

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