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When did you realize that adult spanking was a "thing?"

Even up to my 20s I did not know how popular the interest was among adults.  

Every so often I ran across the occasional ad in the back of a magazine (the type on the back shelf) but I never guessed that this interest was shared by so many.  I thought that if I pursued it I would have to go to live on some "Island of Perversion" where we all have to wear trench coats or something...  

As a confirmation of this i remember a college class I was taking where this old...meaning middle aged...guy was in class with me.  Ibsat next to him one day and when he opened the briefcase he used I saw plain as day a ruler type paddle.  He noticed this and looked at me and gave me a rather sickening smile.  I sat away from him from then on.  I should have known as the only questions he asked the professor related to judicial corporal punishment (it was a class on pre republic rome..as opposed to calc 3 where that question would be completely out of place, even for him).

Perhaps the dam started to break in the late 80s or early 90s.  Madonna admitted that she was into it.   At the time I thought what good would that do me?  I was unlikely to ever meet her after all...

A little while later I discovered "leather folk."  while closely related they are not quite the same.  Slowly I discovered alt.sex.spanking. ..then irc (remember that?) then play parties.

By the early 2000s it seemed spanking was everywhere...at least on the net.

And that is sort of bittersweet.  When interaction was almost exclusively face to face we couldn't be as abrupt...or as forward...but then again you also couldn't routinely talk to people around the world.

But oh those days of wondering...of finding the occasional hint that there were others like you...what a time!

Soooo...when did you "discover" our tribe?



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2 hours ago, Alcina said:

For me, i guess it was when i started surfing the internet for clarity. The internet really is your best friend because you get to ask the silliest and most personal questions and get honest replies.



 I agree that the internet is perhaps the best way ever known for people to interact I do question whether or not you get as many honest answers as you'd like. But still just restating the point I made in my original post, yes, the internet in all that's its various platforms is probably our best friend, unless you have a dog, then that trumps the internet

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What makes a “thing”? By first grade I knew adults could be spanked- my very modern grade school sent out a letter announcing a new policy that kids would no longer be spanked at school, either by teachers or administrators. Notes would be sent home and parents could discipline as they chose. Parents were instructed to explain this to their kids, so my mother told me only parents could spanks kids (which later turned out to include grandparents, other adult relatives, and baby-sitters! I wasn't an easy child). What she said then was “Only mommy or daddy can spank you and your sister, and only daddy can spank mommy. Nobody spanks daddy.” It hadn't occurred to me that daddy could spank mommy, as far as I knew he didn't, but then mom seemed very well behaved at the time. I already knew that my parents record collection, which had a lot of soundtracks of musicals, included an LP of the Broadway performance of “Kiss Me Kate”. On the front of the jacket was a photograph of a man giving a woman an OTK spanking on stage, although both were fully dressed in Elizabethan clothing. It can't have been too many years later that I saw John Wayne spank Maureen O'Hara in a movie. By junior high, my friends and I were exchanging illicit copies of Playboy and Penthouse, which in those days contained scattered references to domestic discipline and occasional photos of women getting bare bottom spankings by men. I remember being startled by a letter to the editor that said if a couple gave a party and the host behaved “borishly” then his wife should take him to their bedroom and paddle his bare butt, for his benefit and that of the guests who would hear him getting spanked. So by age 13 I figured adult spanking was “a thing” that at least some married couples and other sexual partners did in private.

When I graduated high school, I knew there were BDSM nightclubs, although I thought you'd have to go to a large cosmopolitan city like Chicago or New York to find one (it might've been true back then, I don't know). In college I tried spanking some of my own sexual partners. But it wasn't until my late 20's with BitNet and alt.sex that I knew there was a “spanking scene” or community. Of course it was only a few years later that my wife first put me over her knee and thoroughly paddled my bare bottom! Then adult spanking stopped being “a thing” and became what happened whenever I misbehaved!

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My first memory is of being spanked.  My first realization that I was a "spanko" was in 7th grade when I admitted to doing something I hadn't done to get paddled at school by a pretty young female math teacher.  Even before then I had played spanking games with a cousin and friends.  I started giving them with a high school gf and then more in college.

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I don't really know when I figured it out but it was very young. By the time I was dating I was actively seeking partners with a similar interest. Say what you will about the '50 shades' movies (never watched them myself) but they made for an easy conversation segway. 

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Not sure of when I became interested in it, but I remember playing spanking, when we would play hide and seek as a young kid. I also remember spanking with others in our tree house during summers off from school. Needless to say it was early in life. My first real spanking play started when I was old enough to start dating, and I spanked a few girls that I dated, not hard spankings, must playful swats, more to get to touch their butts and other things high school boys were interested in. My life long spanking life began the first time I spanked my wife to be when we were dating, and been into it every since, Been married for 45 years by the way.

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