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Hi there! I'm 23 and just finishing up college. I've had a life-long interest in spanking that has become a need and desire to be spanked. Personally, being spanked isn't a disciplinary act. For me, it's mostly stress relief and guilt release (which for me is not related to specific actions). I do actually enjoy the feeling of being spanked to a moderate degree...but when spanked severely enough, it gives me a sense that the slate is wiped clean of anything I may have possibly done, which is just refreshing.

I'm finally getting comfortable enough to join a site such as this to begin exploring my interest. I want to finally be able to have conversation with others who understand this need of mine. My only experience with being spanked is self-spankings, though I do hope that will change one day. I am not in a rush, though, as I only want to be spanked by a romantic partner, or at the very least a well-known and deeply trusted friend. Right now, I just want to take the time to make some friends, read some forums, and begin to understand the spanking world. I am very glad that I stumbled upon this site and have found a community where I don't have to hide this part of me. I am very glad to be here and meet you all.

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Welcome!  You'll find a lot of like-minded folks here.   I think it's wise of you to take things slow.  Some people rush into a first spanking relationship, and end up having bad experiences.  I wouldn't wish that for you.

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Welcome to SN and thank you for sharing a bit about yourself. It's nice to know more than 'I want to be spanked' or 'I want to spank'. 

Nice group of people here and plenty willing to share, answer questions, be a friend, etc. 

I hope you enjoy! 


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