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A re-introduction after some time away

Sir Square

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I thought it might be time for a re-introduction since I haven't really been active on here since signing up, and that's pretty tragic. So to make it re-official, hello all, here's a bit about me...

I'm a math and science nerd, an engineering student (late in life, I know. But not too late), a square on the outside and anything but on the inside, a passionate and caring spanko/spanker and kinkster in general. An introvert, an empath, a disciplinarian. On any given day you can find me on my bike, doing homework, playing disc golf, wandering the Rockies, playing with house plants, and (on a very good day) delivering some well aimed and well deserved spankings. Currently 37 and live smack dab between Denver and Boulder. 

My intentions here are to learn, interact, contribute, and meet some fellow spankos (local or otherwise). With that being said, I would really like to meet a local female spankee who is in need of some attention, be it for accountability and discipline, strictly pleasure, or both.

Don't hesitate to say hello. You'll be hard pressed to find a more chill, respectful, open mind. I can even be kinda funny sometimes... Just don't tell anyone. 


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Welcome back! As you haven't had much interaction...I can say the community here is wonderful. Dont be shy about messaging people, just remember to be respectful. Good luck in your search!

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Thank you both for the warm welcome! I'm excited to be back and to engage and interact with some fellow spankos from around the globe. I've had nothing but positive experiences with a truly respectful and enjoyable crowd here so far. You guys rock!

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I could have sworn I replied to this when I first read it, smh.

Anyways, thanks for the great introduction. 

Some great members here and plenty willing to share. 

Enjoy and I hope you can be more active this time around. 

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Thank you all, again! Even though I tend to be quite introverted and independent, it's wonderful to be welcomed into a community that's fairly new to me. You all rock, and I'm looking forward to sharing and learning and growing with you all.

And SeekingSpanking, I don't mean to misrepresent myself. I'm really not all that interesting... But maybe more of a train wreck that's painfully entertaining for a moment.

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1 hour ago, SeekingSpanking said:

I don't think you misrepresented yourself at all.  You have very cool hobbies, and live in a beautiful place. You seem very wise, and very kind. All of that adds up to interesting. At least in my book!

You are too kind! Thank you very much. Next time you're in my neck of the woods I'll happily take you out for some disc golf or exploring the Rockies, so you can enjoy the cool hobbies and beautiful scenery too!

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1 hour ago, threefourthsangel said:

Did he just say playing with house plants? lol Anyway, welcome to SN! 




I certainly did. Much like tending to a bratty spankee, plants need tending to with great care and attention as well. Plants just lack the smart mouth that gets the spankee into trouble. *Shoots MissCassie a deserving look* It really is quite therapeutic and enjoyable.



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