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Just Looking for Online (AKA Escaping my Vanilla Offline Life)


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A newbie to all of this, looking to engage strictly online right now (I live a vanilla life offline, so this is my escape, where I can be who I really want to be). I just recently moved to a new place and started a new job and I am wanting to hopefully meet someone I click with who can help me meet my goals through online mentorship, guided/assigned punishments and tasks for not meeting my goals (I do have KIK but no pics/vids/audio, I need to make sure that this 100% anonymous in that sense, but I will provide detailed reports and operate on trust). 

I like the idea of having rules and a schedule to follow, the idea of being relatively micromanaged, to an extent is something I am interested in exploring. 

I am also into the funishment side of spanking and discipline so I would be interested in that too for more casual play, especially at first while I am getting used to things and testing out different people's styles to find someone who might be a good fit for the above stuff.

I am very new so I don't have extensive anything - I have a really wicked thick wooden spoon and a bath brush, mainly. 

As far as privacy, I have some privacy but have to keep noise to a minimum because I don't live 100% alone. Some times I will have more privacy than others (for noise purposes), but I have complete privacy in regards to everything else.

I have a really hard wooden bench to sit on, and I have a kneeling mat for corner/wall time (because it is not actually in a corner but similar concept). It is not an uncomfortable mat, so to speak, but because it has some padding, I will actually realistically be able to complete corner times assigned there.

I am also into other areas of discipline and punishment including typing lines on sites like WriteforMe or handwriting lines or reports or whatever else is assigned. Corner time, as mentioned above. Humiliation/Degradation (more for the playful side of my interests, not the reaching my goals/mentorship side). Also, any other sort of discipline type tasks/activities you might find necessary/fitting.

Also on the funishment/other interests side of things, I am interested in exploring stuff like nipple/pussy spankings/play and I have about 100 wooden clothespins.

Random, but I have a GIANT mirror behind my headboard. Feel free to find devious ways to include it.

A visual since I am not going to be sharing pictures of myself -

I am 5'4" - average size/a little overweight (one of the goals I want to work on) - I have brown, curly hair that goes just past my shoulders, I have blue eyes, and I wear glasses. I have a large chest - 42DD, but a smaller bottom (decent size surface area, but I don't really fill out a pair of jeans back there, if you know what I mean). I am a girly girl, but I never wear heels.  My go to outfit around the house is a thin tank top (no bra) and some running shorts, so that is probably what I am wearing 90% of the time when I am online chatting. 

Hopefully I have caught your attention at least a little bit, and we might could see what happens ...

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Hi Lexii.  My name is Doug and while I may be older than the individual you had in mind, I may have the experience that you seem to be searching for.  If my age is unimportant but the potential benefit of my experience is, please feel free to ask any questions that would aid in your comfort.  Doug

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