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Introducing a new club for senior spankos

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12 minutes ago, JimS said:

How does one join?

Upper right hand corner of your account there are three horizontal lines, click on it and it will take you to clubs.


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50 years old to qualify as a Senior ??????  No!!!!!

That would mean I'm only 8 years away from being one!!!!!   No!!!!

I don't even know what I want to do when I grow up!!!! This is the worst news I have heard in my life!!!!!

So depressed.  :(  



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4 hours ago, Connie53 said:

Sounds great to me! How do you join?

Hello Connie. Thanks for the interest. Please see the instructions listed above to join.

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1 hour ago, too cheeky said:

Trued to click in.  Did I make it?  I'm 50 +  20 = OMG.

Not yet, some ARE having problems. For an ipad, the instructions in this forum work. Cannot say for other platforms.

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3 hours ago, philbox1 said:

for the life of me i can not find the 3 horizontal bars. someone please help me.


Top of forum page, upper right encircled in red. This works on an ipad, cannot speak for other platforms.


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24 minutes ago, Englishman said:

For people using computers and web browsers, go to the top of any forum page - you'll see tabs for 'Browse', 'Chat', 'Activity' and 'Clubs'.

Thank you Englishman! Hopefully you have solved many people’s problems.

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