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How Did You Come Up With Your Username?

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"Ross" isn't my real name, but it's pretty close, and I have a vowel-less Welsh name that is often mispronounced anyway. As for the "Caliban"... I watched one of BDSM model Ariel Anderssen's videos (AKA Amelia-Jane Rutherford) where she explained her own scene name as derived from a character from Shakespeare's Tempest that she'd portrayed onstage. As a former theatre kid myself, I just took the name of the character I'd most identified with at the time. Such is my tale.

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My name is Jeff. My nickname was Jeffro. Like Jethro Bodine from the Beverly Hillbillies. Because I was relatively large and could eat a lot. When the internet came around, I tried to use it as a screen name but it was already taken. I tried 5 or 6 iterations of the spelling until I came upon “Geoffreaux “. I also liked it because I felt it reflected my French heritage.

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Well, I'm a "closet TV" (meaning I'm really a man who wears female clothing in private).  My name was given to me by a dominant couple back when I was 23 years old that I lived with for just over a year.  It's beginning is almost the same as my male name. If we were out in public and they started to say my name, they could easily finish it with my real name if a vanilla was present.  Always in private, they called me Marcey.  To the best of my knowledge, no one outside in the real world knew what went about in my private life.

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12 hours ago, ReformedEE said:

BTW, think I know you from another “site”.  Tried dropping a pm just to say hi, but got a message that you don’t accept pm’s. 

Good thing you mentioned it.  I don't have settings to prevent receiving PMs.  Looks like my SN mailbox was full.  I cleared out some old messages.  I had just let them pile up for years.

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I was trying to think of something subtly spanking related but not too obvious.

A banshee is a woman who walks around the forests of Ireland wailing when someone is about to die. 

Wailing, screaming, works for me. We'll pretend she's crying because she's being spanked. 

Oops, just realized I already replied to this thread a long time ago!

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