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Curious if anyone remembers an old screen name covenvetion used on the old irc spanking channels wherein an ee begins their name with lower case and an er with upper case. Made it easy to identify perhaps the central characteristic of another in the room, except of course for us switches.

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Ugh, David!  That drives me crazy!  LOL

Yes, Bobbyt42, I remember.  That's why mine is what it is, being a switch myself.

The first time I typed a word in all-caps in chat, the person was offended.  "No need to yell."  Whoops.  Didn't know.  Sorry.

The things we learned in this brave, new world.


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53 minutes ago, Bobbyt42 said:

Strange how such simple things with no intrinsic symbolism hit us a certain way...who would think THIS would seem to us like OBNOXIOUS SHOUTING.  But it does. It's funny creatures we are.

Right on. Dig it. The Huxley reference in the post before yours also astute. 

I refuse to type "LOL". Why? Because w/o the benefit of actually talking to someone the words themselves can be interpreted many ways. It's fun to imagine what some ppl must think...

There was a "you know you're a spanko if..." thread that I wanted to answer SO many ways. But the words themselves could be easily misconstrued to say the least. And LOL might have only made it weirder. 

Power in words and all that. 

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