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A fun spanking game I tried...

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Hi, everyone.  My wife and I are switches and like to play games on the night of the week when our teenage kids all are usually out of the house for a couple of hours. Here's one we invented (I think we did anyway).  We have a ziploc bag we call the 'grab bag' with lots of folded up slips of paper, each with a different game or spanking description on it.  This is one we drew when I had to (well.. GOT to) be the bottom recently :-)

I was laid bare-bottomed over our 'wedge', a ramp-shaped pillow we bought from Liberator a while back.  My lovely wife selected 6 of her favorite implements from our trove of them, and laid them out in a row from left to right... paddleball paddle, salad spoon, flogger, wood paddle, cane, and bathbrush.   The object of the game was for me to get the last (rightmost) implement (bathbrush in this case) into the leftmost position in the row. 

The game consisted of turns in which I had to roll a pair of dice, with each die representing the implement currently in the position of its number (1 meant the leftmost implement, 6 meant the rightmost implement, etc).  After I rolled the dice, those two implements then swapped places in the row, and I received a good firm swat with whichever of them was now furthest to the right.  Whenever I rolled doubles, no implements swapped places, but I still received a swat with the implement currently in that position.  The game went on for a few minutes, and I was getting a pretty sore rear end when I finally got lucky and ended up with the bathbrush on the left end of the row.  I took several swats with each implement, I think, and she had told me that any that were not used on me during the game would be... at the end of the game.   

We enjoyed this one very much.  Maybe I'll get to lay her over the wedge for this same game in the future, if I'm lucky.  With my luck, though, it'll probably be me receiving it again next time too!

I hope this will inspire some of you to come up with some new ideas for spanking games and share them.  We're always looking for something new to add to our grab bag !   

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Every roll is a 1/18 chance of ending the game regardless of position of implemts since each roll is an independent event and 2 of the 36 options would end it at anytime.

We tried this with a couple variations, you receive the number of swats for the position in, doubles get the "double", and when the game is done any implement where it started is 10 swats.  It added some swats but we were done in 12 rolls.

Also we did half weak implements and half serious.  Made for a fun game...when it was done.

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Interesting. Did something similar w one girl. No dice, but made two sets of numbers on these stone-glass disks. The green represented implement, the blue number of licks. There were uno cards involved too. We spent a night perfecting it just so. And god damn if it wasn't fun. But this chick and I would regularly eat adderall and stay up all night creating all manner of... well, everything. 

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Spin the bottle only if the bottle lands on you then you throw dice (two three or four of them depending on what the group has agreed to) and that's how many swats you get. Poker only your betting swats on a bare bottom and the winner of each hands cashes end at the end of the hand or you can play till one person has all the chip and then they cash in.

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Games, loll Here's a game I used to punish my gambling husband: I divide the cards into 3 piles, aces/dueces, suits, numbers. Each pile is shuffled and laid face down, fanned out. He had to pick a card from each pile. Suits were the implement with J=hand, Q=belt, K=brush (He despised the brush) then aces were bare ass, 2=over underpants,  numbers were number of swats. Black suits were normal force, red suits were harder or upper thighs. There are 8 rounds in the game, or you go for 8 nights, 1 round per night.  I preferred 8 nights. He could get lucky and draw 2 of clubs, and 3 of clubs, Jack,  or not so lucky, aces of hearts, 10 of hearts, King. Either way he lost in the end with a sore bottom, lol!!!!! Just like all forms of gambling???

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