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For me, quite a few of the profile pictures are hard to make out exactly what they are.

What is your profile picture of and why did you choose it?

Mine is of a woman kneeling.  Why...I kinda sorta have an obsession with it.

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Mine is pretty easy to distinguish.

I have a thing for ladybugs because of my kids. I also have a tattoo on my right ankle with two ladybugs on it that represent my kids. 

I use to use a profile picture that was more lifestyle related, but I got bored with it. The one I use now is bright, different and it's just me.

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One of the other members kept bugging me about getting a profile picture. I had just seen this somewhere and fell in love. It describes me so perfectly. I may not hurt people like a cactus (hopefully) but my defense mechanisms are in full force. I am certainly damaged but while maybe not adorable, hopefully at least pleasant. 

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I did think long and hard about it but  I felt something that was more about how this need we have that ties into my all pervading sense little/middleness summed me up as spanking is helping me be more focussed and responsible and it is something I'm not ashamed of.

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Mine refers to my original name here “hopeless dreamer” and shows my sarcastic, bratty side. I had always been asked why I was so hopeless, so when I found this image, I knew it was perfect for me. :)

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My screen name tends to be a little confusing at first glance - a play on words for my love of football and my appreciation for our common interest.

As a woman who interacts with men (spanks, mentors, etc.) primarily, I felt (or hoped - ha) that the image clarified things.

Then again, it is one of my favorite phrases as I sit back, fold my arms and start to smile at the antics of a naughty boy who is SURELY asking for it.

But, even if they are not acting out as a way of demonstrating that desire, hopefully they know that they can ask for what you want or need, that they are safe.


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On March 5, 2018 at 2:47 AM, AfterGeometry said:

A very young Bob Dylan...approximately 22-ish.   Smoking a cigarette.   BAD, very bad!   (I quit by the way!)   (Well, three weeks now.)

Thought that looked like Bob Dylan- only see here on phone though so it's kinda small. But yeah, right on. Dig it. 

Time for some Wilburys as a matter of fact. 

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Mine's the symbol of the Jedi Order.  Because I am a geek, and because the Jedi are all so totally into spankings.  Check out the exasperated look that masters give their apprentices sometime . . . you know they're just a thought away from grabbing the brat by the ear and hauling them off for a good one.  :P  

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