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I’m pretty new to this site and still currently looking to get my first spanking experience. I do like hearing others stories and experiences though to get some ideas of it if anyone cares to share. 

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6 hours ago, kim09 said:

Hi,  I am pretty new to here, too. I was looking to have my very first experience like you and had one not  too long ago. I was lucky to found someone who was willing to give me my first spanking experience. After setting up the first session, I was counting down every day. Yes I was excited, but at the same time nervous and scared. I personally worry too much over everything. I was worried what if I move too much or scream from the pain? What if I get bruises? What if I get too embarrased? But I want to try it even if I regret later. That made me feel little easy. I remember my hearts were beating so fast as soon as I saw him. I didn’t know where to look, what to do with my hands. We had discussion why I should be punished. I was asked to changed. I took off all of my clothes except panties and a shirt. I received spanking with various implements. I did liked the OTK hand spanking just because I like the position. Belt was my favorite. That sting feelings across my bottom, and the loud sound when the belt landed on my bottom....Overall, I really really enjoyed my first spanking. My bottoms were very very red and swollen afterwards. The pain got worst next day, but I enjoyed every bit of it. I don’t regret my decision and wish many more to come! I wish you the best to have your first spanking, soon. Good luck!

That’s awesome you were able to have your first one go so well! I also like hearing those stories. I feel like everyone would have those kind of thoughts going through their head when meeting up to have the first one ever.

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