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Spankers multiple choice?


Spankers multiple choice?  

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  1. 1. The spankee has been carry on back talking smart mouth, so for added punishment what would you choose doing?

    • Another spanking
    • Mouth soaping Ivory
    • Mouth soaping Dove
    • Mouth soaping liquid
    • Suppositories
    • Enema
    • Figging

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I'm not an Er but I think a lot of these questions, either can answer. I'd get another spanking and likely an essay on top of it or added chores if I were to act that way. 

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I think if the behavior is unmodified (or worse) the first spanking didn't work, and little goes as well with spankings as enemas, but, for punishment fitting the crime, it would be hard to argue against mouthsoaping.  Seems an awfully appropriate punishment for mouthiness. 

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Usually, back talking or smart mouth is a sure fire way to get an OTK bare bottom paddling.  Sometimes, if the mouth gets too smart, time too wash it out.  If it's getting too far out of hand, pull those legs up in diaper position, and punish like the child she is acting like.

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Another spanking. I'm not much into the soap thing. Or the "insertion" methods- especially a suppository! Suppositories and/or eating soap might cause a situation to arise in which the next spanking becomes unnecessarily... um... messy. 

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I've never actually used mouth soaping before, but if a few swats to the back of the thighs or "Now, we just added another implement.  Care to comment further?' doesn't get the job done and someone keeps pushing, they may be looking for a boundary/reaction.  That may have just enough shock value to quell the outbursts.

If it is out of character, I would likely pause and ask a question or two.  I would imagine most don't want things to go that far.

Some are curious enough to try, but likely, only once.

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