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Vintage spanking reference

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Watched Hitchcock's To Catch a Theif last night and was treated to two delightful spanking references; first where Cary Grant threatened Grace Kelly with a spanking, and second where she was again threatened with a spanking by her mother...this time WITH A HAIRBRUSH! Back in the day such references were common on TV and in movies, and always gave me a thrill...even when I was little. I remember seeing the wagon train spanking scene back when it was a first run on prime time tv...my heart right nearly jumped out of my chest. Identifying with being spanked as a boy such scenes were a particular and very rare delight. Anybody have any favorite recollections of such startles? Could be a fun topic to revisit....

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Well, there's always the two great OTK spanking scenes in the movie "McClintock". But I remember being shocked at my first seeing The Simpsons "One Fish, Two Fish ..." Season 2 episode where Homer sits on Bart's bed, pats his lap, and says, "Come here, boy."  Bart rolls his eyes and says, "Oh, Man!", pulls his pants and underwear down, and hops over Homer's knee for what he assumes will be a bare bottom spanking. Homer only wanted to have a father/son conversation, so there's no spanking delivered, much to Bart's relief. 

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