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My online disciplinarian has decided I earned a grounding so he has given me a task of researching what rules should be and he will decide. So I am curious if there are other spankees who have been grounded and what they could or could not do. 

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I appreciate the input. I was told he is seriously considering a 1 week grounding for swearing constantly and I didn't get my written lines done by my deadline. Does this seem too harsh?

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My groundings have been a half day or full day- after a sound spanking.  When grounded, my choices are sitting on my bed or doing chores/housework. No tv, radio, internet, books, games, phone, etc. Nothing. It also means a very early bedtime. Very unpleasant. I can't imagine a week...maybe a week "on restriction" with loss of privileges, but not a full grounding. Maybe I am too soft. 

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Guest donnamum71

Morning All

grounding here means you stay in nighty and knickers for duration, and you give up your mobile phone, car keys and purse.  Only thing permiited is going to school\work, but you don't get the car keys back so it's public transport, then straight back to nigfhty and knickers as soon as you get in :(



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Thanks for all the input. He liked a lot of the rules and am starting a 6 day grounding. No internet or tv, 500 lines in panties the whole time. So i will write on experience afterwards

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Grounding is a wonderful tool when used properly to discipline an adult woman. It can be very severe and very hard on the woman or simply a “slap on the wrist” or a minor annoyance. You can fine-tune the punishment to match the behavior she is being punished for.

The obvious stuff - no TV,  or entertainment use of computer, phone, radio, stereo, she may not leave the house or use the car without permission

You can be creative. - punishment dress, early bed time, use a punishment stool

Fill her spare time with chores and writing essays on the reason she is being punished

I like a strict grounding for a short time.

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Depending how strict the grounding is and what they have done. It could be once in after work/school they can’t leave the house even go outside in their yard (if summertime and nice out). Extra chores and this can work well with a family member that lives close by or just a elder neighbor that needs help in a yard or other household chore they may need help with. Limited to no tv or internet. I know once I had my cable cord taking from my bedroom. Then lines and cornertime also works well although I haven’t had that as an adult. 

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