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Need Disciplinarian/Mentor in Elmore City, OK

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I am new to this site.  I am a 47-year-old female in Oklahoma that has never been spanked on bare bottom.  I bought a paddle thinking I could do self-spankings, but that doesn’t work for me.  I haven’t been spanked since I was a child, so I know that I am overdue for one. So, I am looking for a disciplinarian/ mentor to help me with some behaviors that need to be changed. Some of the behaviors that I need help with are being hard headed, stubbornness, smart mouth.  Also, I get stressed and I know I need one for those occasions to.  If your interest in helping me out.  Also let me know how you would go about this.  I do have an idea on how I would like to be spanked.  Leave me a message if interested.

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