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Hello everyone!

I'm a 58 year old man in Connecticut with many years of experience as a spanker. While I have tried a lot of different styles, roles, and implements over the years, I have found that I am most well-suited for giving paternal disciplinary or disciplinary-style spanking.  Not every woman who wants this type of spanking necessarily thinks of her spanker as "daddy," but I believe it communicates something important about how I approach the task. You may have made up the bad behavior that you need to confess in order to get your bare bottom warmed, but it is also quite possible that you are carrying baggage of one sort or another for which a good spanking can be an antidote or can provide relief. It may be that you need stress relief (who doesn't?) and being put over a man's knee lets you release the tensions of everyday life. Perhaps you really are trying to correct a behavior problem and feel that if only you were held accountable you could succeed. Or perhaps you are simply seeking the thrill that comes from being scolded for being a naughty girl.

What you most likely don't need or want is someone who wants to convince you to call him Master or clearly doesn't understand the importance of hard limits or is simply looking for sexual conquests. My goal is to create a no pressure conversation in which you can proceed at your own pace, find your own voice, and get that well-tanned red bottom that you have been craving.

I am open to providing long-distance discipline (phone, skype, etc.), though I have to admit that there is nothing like the real thing.

If any of this appeals to you, or if you are entirely new to this exploration and it raises questions or concerns, I hope you will feel free to get in touch.

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