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A couple months ago I brought up the idea of having some sort of way of viewing member's IP addresses to help cut down on duplicate accounts and fake personas.   Obviously that won't work for privacy reasons...but I had it in my head that other forums do this too, and people were cool with it.     What these forums were actually doing though consisted of assigning a numeric code to each unique IP address as a member registered and logged in....and then making these unique codes visible to everybody in the forum while the actual IP address stays hidden.     Kinda like this..................

UIP stands for Unique IP address.

The concept is simple: every visitor to the chatroom/forum is given an incremental number, starting from 1, based on their IP address. This means that when you see multiple visitors with the same UIP, you can be sure they come from the same IP address.

This concept might help prevent people from "double tabbing" – meaning entering the site from two different browser tabs (or two different browsers) and posing as two different visitors...and help the community identify fake accounts/personas

Be aware that different visitors may share an IP address "legitimately", e.g. from a school or a workplace. Also notice that a person can still pose as two or more visitors with the use of multiple internet connections or proxies.  It won't catch everybody, but it should help everyday users ascertain whether they are talking to a unique individual or not.

As always, the forum owners would keep the full IP address hidden for security and privacy reasons.

I think this is a compromise that could work.  As always, it may not be something that can be easily added to the current software or just be too much trouble to implement.  But I thought the idea was cool and wanted to pass it along for comment..............thanks

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Wow. Now, that's really something! I'm not much of a computer guy, but from the little bit of knowledge I have and with the elaboration you gave, I really do think this would be a game changer for all the trolls and fake accounts here. I bet this would reduce 90% of fake accounts. Who has two different servers at home I mean?! And accessing it from work place, most of them are wary of their privacy. So considering all things, If at all this was possible, it MUST be done. It will make people have more faith on sites like this.

But well, as you said, maybe it is too much work for the mods again.


I hope something like this does come into action, so we can all have some *real* life in these chat rooms as well

Thanks for the post AG

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Yes, this is not meant as fix-all...it will catch the low hanging fruit, which suprisingly enough could be the vast majority of our trolls.  From my observations, our trolls are not technical wizards or spoofing maestros.  People with actual skills have better things to do with their lives than go around pretending to be fake people (  one would hope.)

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Where there is a will there is a way.  Not knocking the idea but as KL points out that would only stop the very lazy or unskilled user.  Anyone else would work around the issue.  I could create three, possibly four, account ts right now that would have different IP addresses with very little effort and I'm not tech savvy at all.

I've decided to take a guilty until proven innocent approach where everyone that hasn't met someone from the board that I have deemed trustworthy is into a "to be determined" category. Which is slightly hypocritical seeing how I've never actually met anyone from the board myself. LOL


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