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I just reviewed all 20 pages of Amazons "Spanking Implements" site.  I would not waste good money on any of that stuff.  If you are going to spank....let us do it right. No cheap, plastic toys, please. Any proper paddle should be leather as should straps and whips although wood paddles are quite effective....not Amazon Specials. I recommend searching leather merchants and I-Caniac for info on good quality products that do the job right.  If your a spanker......good tools are a must.....your bottom and your subs will appreciate it as well.  A good leather product will run you from 70. dollars to a couple of hundred, but you get what you pay for. Research out the "Toys" before buying....you will not be sorry, but a few bums will be!  Lady Veronica

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Agreed. But I have a question that came up recently to which I have no immediate answer.

There are folks who may like (or may dread) the texture and "feel" of leather on their bottom but who would prefer their spanker use a non-animal (i.e., non-leather) product.

Does anyone know of reputable shops that sell leather-like implements?

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I make most of my implements, including leather.  I bought an entire hide for $70 so there is no need to spend a lot of money.  With a few tools and a creative imagination, you can make almost anything.  I consider it to be a labor of love because while I am making an implement I get excited envisioning it being used on someone.

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