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Realizing that this isn't for me.

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I've only been on here for a few days and I was lucky enough to find an amazing person to be my mentor. I prayed about this and thought about it yesterday and realized that I just need my family. I don't think I really need pain to keep myself on track. I have a lot going on and I can't wait for that "punishment day" that could take place months from now. It's not good for me emotionally. Mentor, you know who you are. Thanks for everything, and thank you to you all. I'm sorry for wasting your time but this has been a learning experience for me to find out for myself what I need in my life and over these short few days I've discovered this isn't it. I may not be able to completely erase this side of me but I've never let it consume me. However I want to wish you all the best of luck. Maybe when I find myself I'll try this again but it's not a good time right now in my life. Thanks y'all.  I'll be deleting my account in a few hours unless I get banned after writing this. But I'm so glad I found out that I'm not the only one that has had these wants. I wish you all the best life!

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best of luck but you will find as you go though life what you are and who you are will always be you and no matter what you think feel or try it will always remain with as a part of you, you can assume avoid or cover up that side of you but trust me it is who you are no matter where you go matter what you do.


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I am also wishing you the best of luck. One thing I would say is to focus on the underlying emotional needs behind the need to be spanked. I have been doing this myself and believe there is a need to submit to someone you absolutely trust to be corrected and guided. All of these can be achieved without a red backside.

It is up to everyone to decide what is best for them - the option to engage in this will always be there should you consider to return to this later. I do not see any real harm in this, although I find having this 'Annex' to my normal personal life can consume more mental bandwidth than I would like. The most important thing is to have good relationships with those around you, then you will see if you have the need or time for this activity.

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