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Motivational music, anyone?

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Seems that Friday through Monday I had the motivation to get things done. It may have been the sore bottom that motivated me Friday and Saturday or the thought of receiving another sore bottom that kept me going.... But come yesterday, I almost just skipped putting leftovers away and skipped washing the dishes. I was just having one of those evenings when you just feel "blah" (ladies probably get what I mean).  Anyway, since I've been jotting things down, I didn't want to jot down how I had skipped the dishes, so instead I thought of some music I could listen to while getting things in the kitchen done.  I couldn't think of anything better than Carlos Santana, especially his song Evil Ways which says, "You've got to change your evil ways, baby!"   And guess what? I got it done!  

What about you reading this? Do you work better with music? What music is encouraging for you to get things done? Recommend any particular songs that would be motivating? 

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Yes, blah...say no more!  Music does help me at times.  I've gotten into Pandora.  There's a good variety and I'll have it on in the background.  

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