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'Change one word' film titles: spanking edition!


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A conversation in the chat room gave me an idea for a silly game!

Take a film title and change one word to 'spanking' (or similar) to create a whole new film. I'll start...


A Series of Unfortunate Spankings.

So I Spanked an Axe Murderer.

One Hundred and One Spankings.

Wet Hot Spanking Summer.

The Men Who Stare at Spankings.


Etc... Go! :D

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Predator vs Spankers

One Flew Over the Spankers Nest

The Day the Spankers Stood Still

Gone With The Spankers


Close Encounters of the Spankers Kind

Fried Green Spankers

Bride of Spankerstein

Indiana Jones and the Spanker of Doom

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The Perks of Spanking a Wallflower.

The Wizard of Spankings.

One Spanking Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

Kind Hearts and Spankings.

Spankless in Seattle (it's a tragedy, not a romcom ?)

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Guest Warwick

A Game of Spankings

A Clash of Spankings

A Storm of Spankings ( and yes I know there are 2 parts I'm just lazy )

A Spanking for Crows

A Spanking with Dragons

The Spankings of Winter ...one day perhaps



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This is great, gonna have to think up some more! We should vote on the best concept and see who we can get to write a story or produce it! haha

Donny Spanko

Half Spanked

Lock, Spank and Two Smoking Bottoms

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The James Spank series...

Dr Spank

From Russia with Spanking



You only spank twice

On her Majestys secret spanking

Spankings are forever

Spank and let spank

The man with the spanking gun

The spy who spanked me


For your spanks only


A view to a spanking

The spanking daylights

License to spank


Tomorrow never spanks

The spanking is not enough

Spank another day

Spanking royale

Spanking of solace



And of course the unofficial one in the James Spank series - Never spank never again

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Some of these have two versions because I can't decide between them.

"The Spanking Before Christmas/The Nightmare Before (a) Spanking"

"Edward Spankinghands"

"The Corpse Spanker/The Spanking Bride"

"Charlie and the Spanking Factory"


As you can see, I like Tim Burton stuff haha. That's the best I've got.

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Starship Spankers 

The Wizard of Spanking 

Spanking Private Ryan 

Spanked by the Bell 

The Spanking Mile

Interview with a Spankee

Spanking with the Wind

Spankers of Courage

True Spankings

Spanking Hard

The Spanking Redemption

The Sound of Spanking

12 Spanking Men

The list goes on....


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