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would you ever pay for a spanking?

Guest luvspanks

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This sort of thread makes me absolutely crazy.   It is starting to feel like a troll to me.   

I almost started making suggestions but thank goodness stopped  myself.  

I would like to support everyone else who put a lot of thought and a lot of time into trying to help. It does demonstrate our collective desire to be supportive.

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"the problem was that she wanted to see a photo of me. . . as soon as I sent the photo she wrote me back and told me that I was not "good looking enough" for her to spank me (her words) there was al

Hello luvspanks, A client has let Me in on this thread of yours and I wanted to respond here. I''m very sorry you have had such a bad experience with that pro, however please do not lump all of us

I think that the idea of paying for a spanking (or in my case being paid to give a spanking) is completely silly. There is nothing these "pros" have that plenty of people who spank/get spanked for fre

Like luvspanks, I am physically disabled, and when I leave home I must use a wheelchair for mobility. I paid for a spanking once, in 2008, from a woman who was a massage therapist and photographer (we have since moved to different cities and lost contact).  It was an amazing  experience. She was a very kind woman, but a powerful spanker, and my ass was bruised for a few days after my spanking. Now, I'm not wealthy, and a spanking is a luxury I can afford only infrequently, but I would pay for a spanking again if necessary. In fact, I'm looking for a spanking now, for stress relief. I could go to a headshrinker, but that wouldn't do me nearly as much good as going over the lap of a strong woman with a hot hand.

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On 3/31/2008 at 4:01 AM, OwwItHz said:

You''re right, I misunderstood what you were asking. Are you wondering if there are professional (paid) submissives? Or that anyone has used their servicces? Yes, there are. Often professional "switch" - that is, they are willing and capable of getting as well as giving, and sometimes do both in the same session. But they get paid for whatever they''re doing.

Since I''m not a spanker, I''ve never paid to spank someone, but I understand that business is pretty good. Take a look at The Dominion in Los Angeles and note that the majority of their staff is either switch or submissive.

How do you  get paid to submit to a spanking? Does the Spanker  spank you till he feels he’s had his money’s worth?! How do you even begin to work like that??

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I have before, but except for a couple of times, I did not feel it was a good experience.  Too impersonal in some cases, or not very good at it in others.   But if there was someone good at it in my area, I would do so again.

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On 1/11/2016 at 8:41 AM, Neeasuperhardspanking said:

I'll blister your ass for free

Would love to get in line behind luvspanks for one of your ass-blisterings (free or not).

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