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Spanking Uniform

Spanking Uniforms  

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  1. 1. Is there a specific outfit or uniform that you [or your EE] has to wear for a spanking, before, during, or after?

    • No specific wardrobe requirements. Whatever they're wearing is fine, as long as their bottom can be exposed.
    • Naked. Clothing is privilege that is lost for bad behavior.
    • T-shirt only
    • Special underwear
    • Pajamas
    • Other specific garments
    • Blindfold or earmuffs for sensory deprivation; to focus EE's mind only on their burning bottom.
    • Gag or other restraint

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Years ago I ruefully decried my own round bottom -- too round, I felt, perfect, thought Gary.  But one complaint too many -- when I got home, a large envelope had arrived by post.  Gary and I had plans for that evening, so I opened the envelope, and first found a note:  "Wear this tonight beneath your frock. please."  I tore open the inner envelope, and found an impressively retro and formidable high-waisted, zippered, long-leg panty girdle, with a broad satin back panel.  Gary knew my sizes, but he had purchased my new girdle one size too small.  I often wore light pull-on girdles to smooth my bottom and eliminate the jiggle, so I was intrigued by a much firmer, more serious girdle, but wished it was sized for me.  Nonetheless, I managed to get it pulled on and zipped, gartered my stockings, and slid into a rather flowing silk dress for the evening.  The new girdle stayed very front-of-mind.

When Gary arrived to leave for dinner, his arm went around me as we kissed, and then dropped to my waist, then dropped to caress my bottom cheeks.  "Ah, Shelly, I'm so pleased you are wearing your new 'spanking pants' for this evening."  We often enjoyed spanking games and I especially enjoyed spanking foreplay, but I had not thought about him expecting to spank his formidably girdled girlfriend.  He had spanked me wearing light control panties and Spanx, but this would be different.  I got right with the evening program, though, and replied, "Yes, just as you asked, Sir."  He was not used to hearing "sir" from me, so this was a clear message from me that I was game ti christen my new 'spanking pants.'

When we got home from a delightful dinner, we got a coffee in the living room, and then he sent me upstairs to collect my mahogany hairbrush.  I was more used to just his palm for playful foreplay spankings, but replied "Yes, Sir" and went up to fetch the brush (and touch-up my makeup.)  Gary took the brush from me and drew me over his knees,  He asked if there would be an end to my complaints about my bottom, my lovely bottom, which actually looks so so perfect in my sleek new girdle (a Custom Maid 299; I wear a medium, somewhere he found a small in this quite substantial and firm girdle.)

Gary did start with his palm, but moved on to the brush once I was just a bit warmed up.  That stretch satin back panel offers so little protection, and holds in the heat from a spanking so effectively.  Also, a bottom that is trying to swell from a hairbrush correction has no where to swell to, the girdle is so so tight and constricting.

Thinking ahead just a bit, I had worn stockings without panties with my new "spanking pants."  That meant the "convenience opening" -- intended to make it convenient for milady to answer a call of nature without undressing entirely -- was just as convenient for Gary.  He insisted the girdle would stay on whilst we made love after my correction.  

After that initiation, he 'suggested' it would be a good choice under my frock several more times for evenings together.  When I was eager for his strict loving attention, I even chose to wear my spanking pants a couple of times, a surprise for him that he did not miss.

So, dressing for a spanking. a "spanking uniform?"  Well, certainly not for everyone, but if the thought of a girdled spanking intrigues you, give it a try.  Even just Spanx!


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Similar to Jo, I have a lifestyle wardrobe that reflects a juvenile, proper young lady image. I wouldn't be in a disciplinary relationship with anyone who didn't hold that in very high regard because it's what I need for discipline overall. It's more about how I'm expected to dress at all times and discipline is handled modestly. No nudity except knickers down obviously once over the knee (or desk, arm of the sofa). That said, if a specific dress or outfit combination is requested it's to correct disobedience where I've perhaps challenged the boundary (wearing a hoddie instead of a cardigan).

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You have truth perfectly naturally but I would be much more liberal in connection with the uniform.   I would entrust the clothes to ladies since I would like to get corporal punishment from women exclusively.

I would have a proposal in connection with the shoes only possibly I would suggest wearing open sandals for them. It is necessary to kiss the cane but I think it’s more pleasant the feet kissing than the shoes.


croma   (cromah@citromail.hu)

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I take off my clothes and he watches, I'm always naked. I always have to strip while he watches. Then I wait till I'm told to bend over his knee. I wear special undies all day that reminds me that I'm going to be spanked later. He never lets me keep them on.

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Dear Spankedmedic,

My female boss is a very sever lady she is almost never satisfied with my work and diligence so I get the cane from her in her villa on all Fridays. I am naked naturally under the beating. I’m tied to a whipping bench.

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