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On 6/25/2017 at 9:07 AM, TriciaBehave said:

Getting a real spanking can be so noisy, especially if you've been bad enough, or disrespectful enough, to have your disciplinarian send you to get the hairbrush and tell you those panties have to come down.

What will the neighbors think? Has certainly run through a bad girl's or boy's humiliated mind as the spanking resumes and the sound carries-- to say nothing of the moans or cries inspired by the shame and sting.

By neighbors, of course I mean any sorts of nearby bystanders, whether in a hotel, motel, resort, apartment, or townhome.

Those hairbrushes, paddles, straps and belts can be loud, right?  What have you done to muffle the sound, to minimize it?  I have a few ideas about implements, masking and muffling, distracting sounds, etc.  Perhaps this has been covered before, but lately?  Couldn't find a recent thread.

I'll start with this, inspired by the recent discussion i just read here about hairbrushes: I think, counter-intuitively, that the more solid, weighty ones, which tend to be older or vintage, may be quieter, and sting more, and be more feared and dreaded, than newer, lighter models of hairbrush.

And yet, is sound an important aspect of the entire aesthetic?  Yes, so completely noiseless wouldn't do, would it.


dreaded HB.jpg

The switch always works for noise control.

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When it's at home, the kids still at home go to sleep before we do.  As I only give my wife 3 or 4 discipline spankings in a typical year, this is no big deal.

In a hotel, I bring my phone and Bluetooth speaker and put the music up loud enough to distract.

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My former mentor uses a motel room, which is fine, except that at one point the room the clerk habitually gave her was right next to a long-term resident.  One day (thank God not during my spanking!) the guy finally flipped out and yelled about the smacking noises coming from the room next door.  The motel's response was to move my former mentor a few rooms away from the complainer.  AFAIK, she spanks there to this day.  😛

More recently, I got spanked at my Sir's parents' house.  (He was there taking care of his mom, and where he goes, I go.  And so goes my badly-behaved bottom.)  A friend of mine shares space over there, and Sir asked her to leave the room while I took my punishment.  While she was hanging out in the next room with Mom,  Mom asked "what is he doing in there?"  And friendo actually told him.  Everyone involved was mortally embarrassed.  Oy.  >.<

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Usually this hasn't been a concern for me as I get my spankings at my spanker's house, and the one time she was at a local hotel it was in a suite so the "living room" area could be cut off from the bedroom area. It does become a concern as I will be attending AnthroCon this year, and I would like to get spanked during the con: ideally a morning spanking and an evening spanking each day of the con. One thing that may help is I chose a hotel farther from the convention center than the others.

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When I was getting spanked before my wife gave it up, she would take off her panties and make me put them in my mouth. She did not want to hear a single sound from me, and using her panties filled with her scents as a gag was a real turn-on too. I think the primary concern of others hearing is that they might think someone was being abused. If they hear no human sounds but just the sound of the implement, they could easily think it was something else besides a spanking -- or think that it is a spanking that is not at the level of abuse because the spankee is making no sound. For us that fixed it. Those were the days ...

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