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Can some one help out an old Dom? A while ago someone had sent a guideline of a writing assignment. I am Mentoring a woman on line and I want to give a writing assignment, just spanking and grounding doesn't always get a point across so I'd like to try something else and I heard about writing assignments. Can someone here help me out? Thanks much.

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Do you want her to write essays or are you refering to typical "writing lines"? This is not the form for me to post a lliks but for writing lines there are online sites available which give you lots of options to control how and when she does the task you set her.

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If you tell them to do lines, make sure they are hand written. Hand writing verses typing on a computer is better because for some reason it implants what is written to the brain better, plus there is no copy and paste!

If you tell them to write a paper, make sure it is long enough that they actually have to think about it. Make them list their sources so you can, once again, make sure they are not copying and pasting and actually putting thought into it.

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