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The Record Store Brat (Part 2 of complete story, M/F)

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Part 2

Don’t screw this up, Rob scolded himself.

With a deep breath, he grabbed Cari’s wrist and tugged her firmly but carefully over his lap. Her weight was warm and light, and most assuredly welcome. He took a moment to take in the view of her body draped over his thighs: the graceful arch of her back, the spill of red-gold curls over her shoulder, the curve of her calves peeking out from under her skirt, the bottoms of her small feet where she’d rested them on the end of the loveseat. Her round, firm bottom was just where he wanted and needed it, just at the right mark for his targeting hand.

He was hard and erect at steel in his pants.

She shocked the hell out of him then, by craning back her head and asking awkwardly, “Aren’t you going to… make me… um. Don’t I have to be… bare?”

For a moment all he could do was blink at her.

“I…” she sighed and rolled her eyes, lifting herself up on one elbow to turn towards him further. Her face was aflame with color. “I looked at some… stuff. Online. Last night. I thought….” She shrugged by way of ending her last sentence.

“Well I thought, if there was a next time…” Rob forced his mouth shut. What the hell? He wasn’t an idiot. If she was alright with being bare bottom spanked, who was he stop her? “But, you’re right. That’s the best way to make sure the punishment gets through.” He cleared his throat, feeling his own face flush with color. “Back up with you, then.”

He helped her stand and their eyes met. She smiled at him shyly, but he saw that her eyes were still dancing. “Reach under your shirt and remove your panties,” he instructed. “I’ll lift your skirt when you go back over my knee.” When she just stood there, shifting from foot to foot, he picked up on the silent cue. “Or do you need me to do it?”

Cari nodded. “You do it.”

Her gaze never shifted from his as he reached up under her skirt, found the elastic at the top of her panties and pulled them down. In only a moment the small slip of silk was at her feet. She stepped carefully out of one side, and then the other, balancing with a hand on his shoulder, and never once breaking eye contact.

Rob was the one who finally looked away, long enough to take in the red lace and silk scrap of material in his hands.

With a little grin, he tucked the underwear into the pocket in his shirt. She wouldn’t be getting those back if he had anything to say about it.

She was still staring at him, the moment filled with sexual tension. He snapped his fingers pointedly and gestured for her to get back over his lap. A tiny smile snuck over her features, there and gone in a millisecond. Then she feigned a frown and put on a show of reluctantly climbing back over his lap.

Although he couldn’t be sure, and he certainly wasn’t about to ask her if he was correct about his suspicion, Rob thought she rubbed up against his crotch much more than was really necessary to reposition herself.

One thing he was absolutely sure of was that his brat was enjoying this.

“You ever been spanked before?” he asked her, resting his hand on her still covered bottom.

Cari shook her head.

Rob nodded, swallowing hard, his dry throat clicking. Do. Not. Fuck. This. Up.

“What’s the magic word if you need me to stop?”

Without a second’s hesitation: “Neatness.”

“Okay, Cari. Time for your spanking.”

The image of her strong thighs and gorgeous bottom burned itself into his brain as Rob swept up her skirt to reveal her completely. A shiver ran down her back and she turned her face away from him with a little nervous sound from deep in her throat.

“By the time I’m finished here, Cari, your bottom is going to be as red as those naughty panties you had on.” He allowed himself to rest his right hand on her bare skin, but did not knead her buttock or caress her. “You’re going to be one sorry, little bad girl.”

Another shiver ran down her spine. He watched as it danced down her back and when he glanced at her arms he noticed she had goose bumps.

He grinned wolfishly then, and gave her the first of many spanks.

Although he’d never spanked someone before Cari, Rob found that he was a very quick study in the art.

His right hand fell down on her buttocks from a height about halfway to shoulder level.

Alternating cheeks, the sound of his hand clapping down on her bare bottom was a sexy sensory overload all its own.

The way her creamy skin changed color from pink to dusty rose was another appealing thing to witness.

But his favorite part was how she writhed and wriggled all over his lap, squealing and moaning in reaction. After a particularly rhythmic onslot of fast smacks to the base center of her bottom, right on the sweet spot where her cheeks came together, she bucked so hard on his knees he thought he was going to cum in his pants just from the friction of her working again him.

“Naughty, bad brats who come into my store and mess with my displays get their bottoms spanked,” he told her, as if she hadn’t already figured this out, punctuating each word with a hard, stinging slap. The scolding felt silly to him, one reason being that so far she was the one and only brat to wind up this way. The other reason it seemed ridiculous was that she was obviously thoroughly enjoying her comeuppance. Still, he persisted, enjoying the lecture in a way he couldn’t exactly put his finger on. “Do you understand, Cari?”

She was panting now, but she managed a ragged answer. “Yes, I understand.”

Her bottom bounced again as he gave her another dozen spanks. She gave out a little tormented cry as the last one fell and suddenly her hand appeared behind her back, blocking his next spank.


Rob paused. From the state she was worked up to, he wasn’t sure what she was imploring him to do. Please what? Stop? Screw me? Spank me harder?

“Use the safety word if you need to.” He waited but she didn’t take that suggestion. Her hand was still in his way. He waited one more moment, then warned: “This spanking is at my discretion. And we’re not done yet. If you need me to stop, use the safety word. That’s why we have it. Otherwise, move your hand out of the way. Because if you don’t, I will move it for you, I will keep it out of the way, and we will start this all over again from the beginning.”

Holy crap, he thought, I almost sound like I know what I’m doing.

Slowly, she withdrew her hand.

Rob took a moment to draw her prone body closer to his. He adjusted her further by pinning her legs between his own, holding her lower body down. A small mewling sound escaped Cari at this new development. Then he renewed the spanking, concentrating most of his attention to that sweet spot in the center of her backside. Her hampered legs still tried to buck and kick, and her cries became more frenzied, less intelligible.

“You are not the one in charge here, brat,” he told her as his hand beat on her bottom. “You get to be in charge only by using the safe word. That’s it. Otherwise, you submit to my hand. The next time you try to shield yourself, I will go out to the front counter and find my wooden ruler to punish you.”

He paused now, despite his insistence that he was the one in charge of the spanking. He supposed that meant he could also slow things down when he wanted as well. As much as he was enjoying this, he was getting winded. And although she was obviously not wanting to use the safety word, Cari clearly needed a breather.

He allowed himself now to rub her bottom and watched her arch her back and push against his hand as he did. A low moan fell from her.

“You’re a bad, bad girl,” he told her, shaking his head at her. “You enjoy this too much. You know only a very bad girl would enjoy this so much, right?”

“Please… don’t stop…”

Rob grinned. “I’m not stopping, brat. Don’t you worry about that.” He tipped her forward and brought his hand down on her bottom again and again. “I’m hardly even warmed up yet.”

Twenty minutes later, Cari stood in the corner of the room, her nose pressed tightly into the crevice. The hem of her skirt was tucked into the neck of her top, exposing her reddened bottom and upper thighs.

“I’m going to go out front and close up the register. Then you,” he cracked her bottom once with his hand, “are going out there to clean up the mess you made earlier. You are not to move from this corner. Do you hear me?”

Cari nodded silently.

“I will bring my ruler with me when I come back here, and if you have disobeyed me, you will get another spanking, this time with the ruler. Understand?”

Again, she nodded. Rob nodded too, watching her a moment. This was his way of letting her control what came next.

If she’d had enough for one night, she’d do as he told her. If not, he’d come back and find her out of the corner.

Without another word, he strode out of the room, leaving her to decide her fate.

Closing down the shop, a job that normally took Rob about 15 minutes, felt like forever that day. He kept worrying that he was taking too long, leaving her in the corner this long after her first spanking was bound to piss her off. His mind was so preoccupied with concern that he was screwing things up, that when he finally finished up with the store, he completely forgot to take his wooden ruler back with him to the office.

The second he turned the corner into the room, he remembered it, but to his surprise she was still right in the corner where he’d left her, nose in the crevice. He’d thought for sure that she would test him further -- he didn’t think of her as his record store brat for nothing.

He came up quietly behind her, and was pleased that although she must have heard his approach, she never once turned her face from the corner. He took her hand and untucked the back of her skirt, so that it fell down to once more cover her backside. When he pulled her towards him, she turned and laid her head on his shoulder.

“You okay?” he murmered.

She smiled up at him. “I’m great. I’m just… trying to understand how I made it to age 25, and never thought about what we just did in a sexual context. And now… I just want to jump your bones.”

Rob couldn’t think of anything else she could have said that would’ve surprised him more. For a moment he was completely speechless.

Cari laughed that husky laugh of hers, and between the sound of that and what she’d just said, his cock – which had wilted during his distracted work out front in the store – was suddenly hard as ironwood again.

As he watched, she took his hand, still entwined with her own, and brought his fingers to her mouth. In turn, she kissed each finger on the hand that had smacked her bottom. As she did this, her eyes peeked up at him from beneath the fringe of her eyelashes. Her smile never once dimmed.

When she finished kissing his fingers, she kissed the center of his palm, then licked it. She took both of his arms and wrapped them around her waist, so that his hands wound up on her bottom. Beneath her skirt, she was still bare, and now she swept up the skirt herself, stepping closer to him until they were belly to belly. Rob’s hands cupped her warmed behind and when he squeezed her buttocks, she moaned and pressed up hard against him.

“Please, Rob. I… mmm… I need you to… hmmm….”

He’d only known her a few weeks. He’d only today learned her first name. He still didn’t know her last name, or what she did for a living. What if she was married? What is her dad was some mafia boss that would blow off his kneecaps when he found out what Rob had done to his daughter?

What if he gave in to her plea right now, only to come up disappointedly short in the lover category?

All these thoughts were flitting very briefly through Rob’s mind as he stood there, caressing and kneading her reddened bottom. They circled in his brain as she pushed her small, firm breasts again his chest. But they gradually began to fade as she ground her pelvis against his own. And when she took his earlobe in her mouth and suckled it, they finally disappeared.

The only other thing that he’d wanted to do more than spank her, was to kiss her. Rob took that moment to framed her face and take that kiss.

Their lips met eagerly, hungrily. It was a sloppy kiss – wet, with slanted tongues and little nipping bites. She took his hands away from her face and clapped them back around her hips, and on his own Rob replaced them back on her bottom. A moan from her mouth ended in his and he swallowed it whole.

“Fuck me,” she demanded, the words fierce between nipping kisses. “Rob… I want… you… to fuck me!”

He chuckled and dealt her bottom a stinging smack. “You keep talking like that, little girl, and you’re going to get that ruler by the end of the night after all.”

She grinned at this warning, and pushed him back towards the couch. He allowed himself to be manhandled by her, enjoying the fact that she was clearly enjoying herself. When they reached the sofa, she unsnapped the button on his jeans. A moment later, the zipper was open too, and her hand was in his boxers.

“Damn, girl,” Rob ground out, his teeth clenched in exquisite torture. “You’re killing me.”

Her eyes danced up at him. “It’s a nice way to go, huh?” she purred.

He moved his head drunkenly, in a sloppy sort of nod, making Cari giggle. She shoved him playfully and he sat on the sofa, watching as she pulled off his jeans and boxers.

“Are you sure about this?” he asked, not wanting her to stop, but also not wanting her to regret a rash coupling with the neighborhood record store guy.

“Honey, I’m sure. You don’t need to worry about me. I can take care of myself.” She fingered his wallet out of the back pocket of his jeans, and wiggled her eyebrows. “You got a condom in here?”

He nodded, his eyelids slanted, and watched her find the small square foil wrapped package. A moment later she sat astride him and worked the condom with quick, sure movements over his engorged member.

“Wait, hang on a sec,” he held her back a moment, long enough to pull her top up over her head. Then he held those small, bare breasts in his hands, and suckled first one and then the other with his lips and teeth.

Cari made little animalistic sounds, first moaning, then keening low in her throat. She opened her legs and sat astride his lap again, voicing a triumphant yell when he thrust inside of her.

Rob’s hands had never been busier. He wanted to taste, touch, and plunder every inch of her. He felt like he couldn’t move his body fast enough to keep up with her. He kissed her mouth, her neck, her ears, her shoulders, her breasts, her belly. His hands were in her hair, on her face, his fingers in her mouth, then they were under her thighs, behind her knees, and finally back on her bottom. He quickly found that she liked him to spank her while they were having sex. Her skirt was still in the way, and with an impatient yank, he ripped the fabric and tore it away from her body.

The sound of the tearing fabric made Cari gasp and then she was howling laughter as she rode him. “You have to buy me another skirt!” she told him, still giggling, looking over her shoulder at the discarded tatters of her dress.

Rob rolled her over so that he was on top. He parted her legs and just before burrowing his face between them, he said,

“I’ll buy you a trunk load…”

Forty-five minutes later, they lay entwined on the sofa, satisfied, spent, and sleepy.

Rob’s gaze lingered down the length of her body, over the creamy, pale skin of her back, past the rosy red hillocks of her bottom, and back to the white muscles of her strong thighs.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered, kissing her slowly, leisurely.

“You’re pretty gorgeous yourself.” Cari snuggled close to him. “That was perfect. God, you should’ve threatened to

spank me two weeks ago.”

“You really never played with spanking before today?” he asked her, twirling a curl of her red hair around his finger.

“You seemed to really enjoy yourself.”

She shrugged one shoulder. “I’ve seen things over the years that made me think I might like it. But until tonight I never knew for sure. I’ve never had a boyfriend spank me before. I wasn’t ever spanked by anyone before tonight. I think I could get used to it. Maybe even addicted to it.”

Rob laughed. “That would make two of us. I could get used to spanking your pretty little ass. I bet you I could give you

a spanking every day for a month and not get bored.”

“Be careful with those easy promises, mister,” she warned playfully. “I’m a girl who expects a certain level of romance and integrity. You tell me something like that, you better be prepared to live up to it.”

He nodded gravely. “Understood. But I don’t make idle promises. Stick around and find out if I’m a man of my word.”

He patted her bottom. “In the meantime I think we ought to get the heck out of here and get some food. My stomach’s

growling like a bear. Spanking your butt has built up my appetite.”


Rob looked up as the bell jingled over his shop entrance. He expected to see a late customer, the last one hopefully of the day. Cari would be here any minute.

Except it was her. For the first time, she was here early, before closing time.

She smiled at him, and he winked at her. He still had a few customers in the shop and she was astute enough to let her smile be her greeting. His eyes trailed her as she browsed the store, taking in her loose jeans and boxy Pearl Jam t-shirt.

He wondered what she had on under everything. He couldn’t wait to find out.

It was only yesterday that he’d spanked her for the first time, then screwed on his sofa. He wanted to call it making love, but he kept reminding himself not to get too far ahead of himself. This was all so new. He still didn’t know much about her. How could he say they had made love – didn’t that automatically indicate that they were in love? One step at a time.

That was what his head said. But Rob’s heart knew the truth. They had made love. He loved her. It might not be the love of two old people, together for fifty years of only one another and no one else. But he loved her.

One by one, the other customers in the store cleared out. He helped them with purchases and bid them all to have a great evening, all the while watching her out of the corner of his eye. Finally, it was just the two of them. Rob went to the door, flipped his sign to closed, and locked the door.

He’d been aware as he was helping the last of the customers that Cari was in the back, and up to something. Now as he turned back to the store, he saw she had lined up several records along the counter where the stereo was hooked up. In one quick glance, he knew what she had done.

There was Untouchables by Korn, which Rob knew contained the song “Beat It Upright,” a song with very obvious sexual spanking references. Next was I’m Breathless by Madonna, which featured “Hanky Panky.” She’d even fished out some singles and 45’s – Puddle of Mudd’s “Control,” Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back,” Depeche Mode’s “Strangelove,” Kenny Wayne Shepherd with Kid Rock doing “Spank.”

“You seem to have done some research since last night,” Rob said, a sideways grin on his face as he walked back to join her. She was in the middle of placing one of the records on the turntable.

“I thought I’d put together a little playlist for us,” she explained, shooting him a grin over her shoulder.

“I can see that. A themed playlist.” He patted her bottom through the soft denim of her jeans. “How’s your tush, girl? You able to sit down today?”

Cari elbowed him gently. “Oh course I could! You overestimate your strength!”

“Oh-ho-ho! Do I? Well, my, that sounds like a bold declaration from someone such as yourself. As you might recall, I did say I could go a whole month without growing bored of spanking your bottom. I doubt you can say the same thing about how the shape of your bottom might be faring at the end of that month.”

She giggled and dodged his questing fingers. The music came on over the store speakers, loud and brazen. “Whip it,” by Devo. He chuckled and rolled his eyes, but let it play. She was running from him, just a few steps ahead of him, running towards the back office.

She slid to a stop when she got there. Waiting for her on his desk was a lightweight wooden paddle, something he used at home to remove pizzas from his oven. Beside it were a large rubber spatula and a huge wooden spoon, also purloined from his kitchen. He had also brought a medium weight wooden hairbrush, his wood ruler from the front of the store, and a wide, leather belt from his closet.

Cari stood stock still in front of his desk, her gaze moving from one object to the next. Her mouth hung open in a little “o.”

Oh, shit.

“They’re not all for tonight,” he hurried to reassure her. “In fact, we don’t even have to use any of them tonight. I was just… thinking about last night… and everything I saw reminded me of it. Of you. I guess I got carried away and lost my head a little.”

She looked at him with raised eyebrows. “It’s okay. Just took me off guard.” She picked up the leather belt, already looped in half, and snapped the two pieces together. The sound the leather straps made as they connected made her eyes pop.

“That’s probably best saved for a ways down the road,” Rob advised, taking it from her and placing it back on his desk.

“Look, I’m sorry, I don’t know what…”

She placed her hand over his mouth then, cutting him off. She pulled his arms around her and kissed him. Her tongue darted between his lips without warning and a sigh escaped him.

When she pulled back from him, she was grinning. “For the record, I sorta like that belt. I definitely don’t want to wait too long to test it out, either. So stop your apologizing. And help me out of these clothes.”

Rob did as she asked him, and when her top and jeans were removed, she stood before him in only a thin pair of white cotton underwear. Written across the back was one simple word: “NAUGHTY.”

He chuckled as he saw this, snapping the top elastic on the panties. “At least you know what you are.”

Cari nodded. She picked up the belt again and handed it to him. He watched as she moved aside a few items on his desktop, then bent over it, offering up her naughty side for his use.

“How’s this, Rob?” she asked over one shoulder.

“That’s really nice, baby,” he praised her, running one hand down her spine, and watching her shiver at the pleasure of his touch. “Just one final detail, though.”

A moment later, that tiny pair of panties was in a pool around her feet.

“Yes, much better,” Rob remarked, allowing the leather belt to slide like a caress over her bare bottom. “Perfect, in fact.”

Cari pressed up against his desk, her nipples hard and erect against the wood. She closed her eyes and pushed her bottom out towards him, waiting for that first kiss of leather on her skin.

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