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What Is It That Gives You Butterflies ?

Guest northeast girl

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Guest northeast girl

For me it happens mostly during lectures when he says " Young Lady" and is holding my chin up so I have no choice but to look him in the eye.

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Words effect me deeply:

"Young lady its time be had our special time"

"If I had spanked you properly, we wouldn't have this problem now, would we?"

"It won't do you much good unless it lingers properly, right?"

"My hairbrush and your bottom are about to have a very meaningful exchange"

"Tears are natures way of showing submission"

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for me a big one is when i am with someone, or even just talking with someone...and it gets to the point that they find out that they have me, that'll I'll pretty much do whatever they say or want me to do. That i am theirs for whatever they want.....knowing they know...that gives me some butterflies :)

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The more calm and matter of fact he is, the more nervous it makes me. Something as simple as “Alright, let’s begin” or “come here young lady” starts the butterflies. If you have mastered the look or the single eyebrow, that works too. Especially if it happens mid conversation when I say something just a tiny bit bratty, so I know to back track 

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Mine is when your half way through a spanking in the corner , and the doorbell rings and I'm not supposed to move, she would disrespect me but opening the door if the look hard enough they can see, or if it's someone we will never see again she opens the door so they can quickly see..

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I get butterflies bigtime in the days leading up to a disciplinary session. These intensify on the day itself, when I travel to the mistress's rooms, walk down the street to her door, ring the bell and wait outside. By the time I hear her coming to the door (I can hear her clearly on the wooden floors) I am feeling like jelly. The feelings remain during the initial greeting and exchanges, and while I am left to 'get myself ready' (which usually means taking off some or all clothing, standing facing the wall in contrition, or getting into position bent over a desk or table, with my pants and underpants down, depending on the roleplay we have agreed on). Having my pants lowered by her is intensely pleasurable, often close to orgasm. (But not reaching it - I would not like to be caned for it with my tolerance so reduced by it.) When I hear her returning and I know there is now no escaping my punishment, I would say the butterflies ease off a little. The most exciting moments are waiting for her to speak, then waiting for the first stroke of the cane (while feeling it against my bottom). At the end of the session I get relief in the shower, usually with the mistress present, and the orgasm dissipates any remaining butterflies. Then there is the feeling of (literal and psychological) anticlimax, followed by a period of intense calm as I return home. The experience as a whole is wonderful, and I am missing it terribly in these days of restriction.

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"You are going to get a spanking for that!" is definitely butterfly material, or any other clear promise that spanking is coming.  It builds as any potential opportunity for getting the spanking approaches, and becomes a whole cloud of butterflies when she drags me to a chair/ the couch/ the bed with her paddle or hairbrush in her other hand!

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