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The ban game


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Summer is banned for her profile stating Novice and her post above claiming to be innocent little lamb. Rumors has it her handle on common Spanking & Discipline sites pre pandemic was NightPain. And she made you reimburse her for any canes or hairbrushes she broke including shipping fees. 

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Summer is banned for waking me up. And her post earlier this week (now deleted) that you can identify an Easter Bunny as unlike rabbits, EB’s can lay eggs and understand German. 

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Lotsapappa is banned for going for the obvious Hogan’s Heroes for my German skills when I could have just as easily turned on German subtitles for Get Smart. 

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Lotsapappa is banned for assuming the agents on Get Smart wouldn’t be able to fix leakiness, even the top secret kind, just because they’re also funny. Next he’ll be saying Inspector Gadget is useless. 😱

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