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@SpankeeGal is banned for failure to follow NIST or National Institutes of Standards and Technology conventions.  Calibrations must be precise and use of “all the time” prevents the highest possible levels of productivity and quality. I could crash the server if “all the time” was a parameter. 

‘All the time” sb 24x7 minimum, 24x7x365 encouraged (p 475 NIST example LxDxW) or 24x7x365x8760 to support future AI. 


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Summer is banned for failing to grasp the modern Measure Twice, Cut Once concept. And not supporting the Discovery of America.

The 7 must be present as the true expression out of the Age of Discovery was “Mark seven times cut once”  and hence Discovery of America was no accident.  Exact same, end result or free gift are redundant. Summer is Forbidden Banned or Outlaw Banned. 

Oh, it’s like been a year so Hello! Hope all is well. Verboten Banned though stands. 

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@SpankeeGal banned for stating I am her enemy (use of word foe). Perhaps she meant for and should proof read her messages Twice and send Once. 

If Foe was intentional, then I may have to request my friend Summer to toilet paper her house since she lives closer. 

@Summer hold off until we know though. 

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SpankeeGal is banned for not understanding the importance of allowing Lotsapappa the illusion he knows what he’s talking about. It’s the whole “honey can you open this pickle jar for me? My poor girly little arms just can’t do it. 😇” concept. 

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JoJo513 is welcome to the Ban game. And, like Summer, she has delivered a knockout ban regarding emoji usage. Well played.

In my defense, I did not use 💩or🍑 choosing positive emojis. That said -

Jojo513 is banned because she is not the Boss of me! 💋🍑

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Like most in Missouri, Summer is an accomplished fiddler. But her schoolin all grades in one room could make it hard to hear. And all that fiddlin didn’t help. Flattery will get you everywhere/nowhere is the idiom outside Missouri. And therefore I must ban Summer. 

Fyi. Piece of mud pie is Piece of Cake. Pitchforked in the back is Stabbed in the back. Hit the hay means tired not have sex in the barn. 

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Summer is banned for using double usage instead of double entendre. Double usage would be “the the” or ‘had had” while naughty thoughts on hay would be more like  - the farmers wife has some huge melon.  Which is called double entendre. 

But Summer & Jojo I know I sound uptight and stuffy. While on subject of doubles, I will make it up to you both with “a roll in the hay”. Although Summer should probably take some Benadryl first. Although I could deal with it. 

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Summer is banned for using homonyms and creating confusion.

The first poking or mock is clear. The second use of poking unclear. Poking as in bang bang preferably doggie sex - spanking way better questionable. Or poking around as in searching through dresser for something lost may be as good as spanking if you find that missing Cartier piece. Or actually poking your EE with finger to get message across can make a spanking way better too. 

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