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The ban game


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Zhev will not be banned choosing to use period. I second Summer’s ban for showing the puncture is available but not explaining how to find on keyboard. I want to point out that Summer’s ban is on 4th of July which is biggest US summer holiday. 

ITB is banned though for ignoring the manufacturers warning on proper consumption and sharing of Tequila this weekend. 

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Summer is banned for failing to provide sufficient detail on the punctus. The full name of punctus is Punctus Elavatus Mark iPhone release Unicode 11  / code point 2E4E / html ⹎ / JavaScript \u2E4E for first post.  I would also add that Summer can indeed receive a very thorough spanking if she adjusted her Latitude from 91’ W to 77’W. And will confidently state it will hurt more than not getting it. 

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Megthe is banned for not keeping up with her states legislation. RI dropped “Providence Plantations” in 2020 but beginning of 19th century the punctus between Island Providence was changed to “AND” then finally “&”. The punctus relegated to dustbin. Let’s all raise a coffee milk to that. Oh wait I think that was changed to cabinet. 

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Zhev is banned for talking about food in a confusing way. I’m hungry. 

Lotsapappa, any adjustments I make to my longitude and latitude would prevent me from eventually getting the sound spanking I’m expecting from my long distance HOH. ?. We wouldn’t want to prevent any hard spankings, now would we?

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Summer is banned for banning two people in one post when I very recently pointed out that is not okay (and also for pointing out where my autocorrect went wrong cause food was supposed to be should)

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@Zhevizhevis banmed for not coming up with a more creative ban or for not coming up with a better way to teach us to stop doubling up... If only you had a paddle at your disposal we might learn our lesson ? 

@Lotsapappa is banned for daring to say I am not the best doo whapper there is!

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1 hour ago, Zhev said:

Megthe is banned for thinking I might use a paddle on someone. 

I just read your profile and I apologize. No wonder you are failing to teach us lessons, you belong here on the dark side, double banning with the rest of us brats.  ?

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Michgal is banned on a technicality. Stalking requires repeated and unwanted behavior. Of course you wanted to to check your page and no proof it was repeated views. 

I am wondering how you knew about my Yellow card issue. Fencing, I do struggle with that whole salute-en garde -pret -alleze jumping at pret. It’s like guys grocery games gotta hear 3-2-1-go. Harder then it looks when people are watching…

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