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The ban game


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Summer is banned for acting like she cared about my goldfish. If she cared, she would not be thinking about or able to complete homework but asking for an update on goldfish. 

I have received several PM on goldfish and believe one suggesting consuming goldfish crackers in sight of goldfish might have put goldfish into shock. In my defense, I wanted to teach goldfish how to smile. 


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Summer is banned for failing to seize the day and ban Lotsapappa even though he wasn't next in line.  I mean... What woulda happened if ya broke the rules... Might get a spanking?  ??  Ah man, I wish Mr. Would spank me for rule bending on forums games lol 

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Megthe is banned for reminding me I could really go for a sound spanking but I can’t have one yet. ?? I feel bad for banning someone for just confirming that I need a hard spanking, but them’s the rules. ?

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Summer is banned for labeling her ass cheeks L and R and wondering why  her opposite ass cheek match marks/redness exactly but L & R reversed when looking back over shoulder at the results of a hard spanking in mirror. 

Megthe will need to be trusted to self ban this weekend when she tries this out on Saturday. 

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